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'The Deposition', 1563, (1930). Creator: Jacopo Tintoretto.
'Frost on the Thames', 1788-1789, (1930). Creator: Samuel Collings.
'The Flagellation of Christ', 1482-1485, (1930). Creator: Luca Signorelli.
Portrait of a gentleman with gloves, 1543, (1930).  Creator: Lorenzo Lotto.
'St. Peter Enthroned with St. John the Baptist and St. Paul', 1515-1516, (1930). Creator: Giovanni Battista Cima da Conegliano.
'Lamentation over the Dead Christ', 1470-1474, (1930). Creator: Andrea Mantegna.
'The Venetian Lovers', 1525-1530, (1930). Creator: Paris Bordone.
'Eleonora di Toledo,' c1562-1572, (1930). Creator: Agnolo Bronzino.
'The duc d'Étampes', 1536-1540, (1930). Creator: Corneille de Lyon.
'The Brocas, Eton', early-mid 19th century, (1930). Creator: David Cox the elder.
'Market Gardener', c1845, (1930). Creator: Edmund Bristow.
'English Landscape, with Shorthorned Cattle', late 18th-early 19th century, (1930). Creator: Charles Towne.
'Numazu, Hikure, "Yellow Dusk"', 1831-1834, (1930). Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
'General James Wolfe (1727-1759) as a Young Man', 19th century, (1930). Creator: Unknown.
'Trepanning A Recruit', c1791, (1930). Creator: George Keating.
'Thomas Waring, Esq.' early-mid 19th century, (1930). Creator: Thomas Goff Lupton.
'Guinea Pigs', c1789, (1930). Creator: George Morland.
'Yoshiwara: Mount Fuji on the Left', 1833-1834, (1930). Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
Anthony Highmore, 1720, (1930). Creator: Joseph Highmore.
Mary Rossam, c1734, (1930). Creator: Joseph Highmore.
George Murray, 6th Duke of Atholl, c1850, (1930). Creator: Francis Grant.
'Tynemouth', early 19th century, (1930). Creator: JMW Turner.
Grinling Gibbons, late 17th century, (1930). Creator: John Baptist de Medina.
'The Church of St. Séverin, Paris', 1831, (1930). Creator: James Holland.
'Storm off Whitby', 1851, (1930).  Creator: Anthony Vandyke Copley Fielding.
'Landscape with a Rainbow Effect', 1794, (1930). Creator: Joseph Wright of Derby.
'Self Portrait at the Age of about Fifty', c1782-1785, (1930). Creator: Joseph Wright of Derby.
'The Corinthian Maid', 1782-1784, (1930). Creator: Joseph Wright of Derby.
Portrait of a woman, possibly Isabella I of Castile, late 15th-early 16th century, (1930). Creator: Michael Sittow.
'Chippendale Mahogany Secretaire Bookcase', mid 18th century, (1930). Creator: Unknown.
'Settee of Walnut and Gesso', (1930). Creator: Unknown.
'Gate of the Vivarrambla, Granada', 1830s, (1930). Creator: David Roberts.
'Capriccio with the Arcade of the Doge's Palace and San Giorgio Maggiore', late 1780s, (1930). Creator: Francesco Guardi.
'Fanny Burney (Mme. D'Arblay)', c1780, (1920). Creator: Nathaniel Hone.
'Sadler Over The Lighthouse, Dublin', 1817, (1920). Creator: Robert Havell.
'Fete Du Sacre Et Couronnement De Leurs Majetes Imperiales', 1804, (1920). Creator: Unknown.
'Kitty Fisher', c1750, (1920). Creator: Francis Cotes.
'The Countess of Erroll', c1750, (1920). Creator: Francis Cotes.
'Mary Hatfield', c1828, (1920). Creator: J Wright.
'Master Bloxham', c1810, (1920). Creator: Thomas Lawrence.
'Portrait of Mr. John Maddison', 1783, (1920). Creator: Johan Zoffany.
'St. Michael's Mount', c1830s, (1920). Creator: James Baker Pyne.
'Handel', c1740, (1920). Creator: William Hoare.
'Elizabeth Jane Hinchcliffe', 1805, (1920). Creator: John James Masquerier.
'Portrait of a Lady', c19th century, (1920). Creator: Jan Anthonisz van Ravesteyn.
'Sortie Des Barques A Trouville', 1895, (1920). Creator: Eugene Louis Boudin.
'The Air Balloon', 1783, (1920). Creator: Unknown.
'Three Pique Snuff-Boxes', 1920. Creator: Unknown.
'St. Jerome in his Study', c1530, (1920). Creator: Circle of Joos van Cleve.
'Miss Elizabeth Phelps', 1778, (1920). Creator: Matthew William Peters.
'Silver Tankard, 1695; Jug, 1746; Cup and Cover,1658', c19th century, (1920). Creator: Unknown.
'Lady Hamilton as the Goddess of Health', c1790, (1920). Creator: George Romney.
'Judith with the Head of Holofernes', c19th century, (1920). Creator: Peter Lely.
'In The Bey's Garden', 1865, (1920). Creator: John Frederick Lewis.
'Portrait of Sir James Oxenden, 2nd Bart., (1643-1708)', c1670, (1920). Creator: Edmund Ashfield.
'Frederick John Nettleford', 1924, (1935). Artist: George Hillyard Swinstead.
'Dolwyddelan', 1935. Artist: Thomas Danby.
'In the Garden House Reach, Calcutta',  c1786-1791, (1935). Artist: William Daniell.
'Chunar Gur',c1786-1791, (1935). Artist: William Daniell.
'Anopshur', c1789, (1935). Artist: William Daniell.