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Two Saints, Coptic Wall Painting. Egypt, 6th century. Artist: Unknown.
Coptic Textile Portrait of Ariadne,  5th century. Artist: Unknown.
Egyptian Stela with cryptogram For Man called Olympios. Artist: Unknown.
Christ the Good Shepherd, Early Coptic Art, c3rd century. Artist: Unknown.
Islamic Tiles showing the Kasbah at Mecca (Ka'Ba), 1668. Artist: Unknown.
Egyptian Hieroglyphs inside outer coffin of steward, Seni from El Bersha, Egypt, c2000 BC Artist: Unknown.
Detail of inside of coffin of Am Enemope, Thebes, XXI Dynasty, c1050BC. Artist: Unknown.
Egyptian stele, Deceased worships Osiris who stands on pedestal representing Maat. Artist: Unknown.
Egyptian Bronze Cat, Sacred to the Goddess Bastet, Roman Period. c664BC-332 BC.  Artist: Unknown.
Gold Condor from Columbia, Pre-Columbian. Artist: Unknown.
Painted pottery Bridge and Spout vessel in the form of a Jaguar, Tiahuanaco, Peru, 100-600. Artist: Unknown.
Pottery vessel of Ancient breed of Mexican dog, Colima Culture, Mexico, 300-900. Artist: Unknown.
Aztec Nefrite Head of a Jaguar, 1300-1521. Artist: Unknown.
Man Carrying a Llama, Painted pottery vase, Chancay, Peru, 1000-1470. Artist: Unknown.
Pottery. Bat-God: pottery with red paint. Zapotec culture, Mexico, 300-900 AD. (A branch of Aztec cu Artist: Unknown.
Large Knife from grave at Southampton Island, for cutting whale-blubber, Inuit. Artist: Unknown.
Hunting Magic, Design on pottery vessel, Zuni tribe, Pueblo Indian. Artist: Unknown.
Funeral effigies for Wikaruk ceremony, Diegueno tribe, Southern California. Artist: Unknown.
North American Indian Salish Basket. Artist: Unknown.
Maori Woodcarving representing panel detail of  Ancestor. Artist: Unknown.
Eharo Mask, Papua New Guinea. Artist: Unknown.
Detail from the Balawat Gates, made for Shalmeneser III, Neo-Assyrian, c858 BC-824 BC Artist: Unknown.
Terracotta Fertility goddess, Ishtar (Astarte), Old Babylonian, c2000 BC. Artist: Unknown.
Mesopotamia, Daggers, 3rd millennium BC. Artist: Unknown.
Persian (Kashan) Ewer with cockerel's head and tail handle,  early 13th century Artist: Unknown.
Sassanian Silver Dish (detail), people with weapons, circa late 4th century. Artist: Unknown.
Christ, the Good Shepherd, Istanbul, 4th century.  Artist: Unknown.
Hittie relief, Tel Halaf,  6100 BC - 5100 BC. Artist: Unknown.
Wrestlers, Roman Mosaic from Gightis, late 2nd century AD. Artist: Unknown.
Roman Sea mosaic, 2nd-3rd century Artist: Unknown.
Early Christian Roman Mosaic of Christian Basilica, c1st-2nd century. Artist: Unknown.
Roman Mosaic of Wrestlers, c2nd-3rd century.  Artist: Unknown.
Roman floor mosaic, Servants bring wine to guests at a banquet, c3rd century.  Artist: Unknown.
Roman Aqueduct, West of Tunis, c20th century. Artist: Unknown.
Detail of Gold bracelet from Praeneste, Etruscan Jewellery, 7th century BC.  Artist: Unknown.
Etruscan Vase in shape of Bull's head, c6th century BC.  Artist: Unknown.
Etruscan Terracotta Antefix, Head of Silenus, from sanctuary of Portonaccio, 6th-5th century BC. Artist: Unknown.
Roman Finger-Ring with Helios driving a four-horse chariot, c3rd century. Artist: Unknown.
Etruscan Sarcophagus of Funeral procession approaching a shrine. Artist: Unknown.
Roman Mosaic from Pompeii of ducks and frogs in a water garden, 1st century. Artist: Dioscurides of Samos.
Pompeii, architectural fresco, c1st century. Artist: Unknown.
Ariadne Deserted by Theseus, Roman wall painting from Herculaneum, 1st century. Artist: Unknown.
Roman Lead Water-Pipe with inscription, c2nd century. Artist: Unknown.
Testudo formation, detail of cast from Trajan's Column, (1st century), c20th century. Artist: Unknown.
Roman doctor inspecting eye of a woman, relief on gravestone, from house near Naix, France. Artist: Unknown.
Roman relief of a shoe-maker or repairer from Rheims, France, c1st-2nd century. Artist: Unknown.
Bust of Probus, Roman Emperor (276-282), c3rd century. Artist: Unknown.
Roman Boat-Builder at work, on stele of Publius Longidienus, c2nd century.  Artist: Unknown.
Moses strikes the Rock, for water in the desert,  Early Christian Sarcophagus, c4th century. Artist: Unknown.
Pitti Palace and the Boboli Gardens in August, Florence, Italy, c20th century.  Artist: Unknown.
Fresco detail by Giotto of life of St Francis, Santa Croce, Florence, early 14th century.
Jonah and the Whale, early Christian Sarcophagus, Roman Marble, 4th century Artist: Unknown.
Early Christian Sarcophagus of Christ healing the sick, 4th century Artist: Unknown.
Christ handing scrolll of new law to St Peter while looking at St Paul, mid-4th century. Artist: Unknown.
Moses Strikes the Rock, and Christ in the Garden, early Christian Sarcophagus, 4th century.  Artist: Unknown.
Christ the Teacher, c350. Artist: Unknown.
Mosaic detail in ambulatory of Santa Constanza church, Rome, 4th century. Artist: Unknown.
Pitti Palace and the Boboli Gardens in August, Florence, Italy, c20th century. Artist: Unknown.
Pitti Palace and the Boboli Gardens in August, Florence, Italy, c20th century.  Artist: Unknown.
Moses and Israelites Cross the Red Sea, San Gimignano, Italy, 14th century. Artist: Unknown.