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'The Tower of London', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'Temple Bar: The City Boundary in the Strand in the Year 1878', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'Shipping in the Pool of London: A Vista from London Bridge to Tower Bridge', c1935. Creator: Donald McLeish.
'Lambeth Palace, Residence of the Archbishops of Canterbury for Seven Centuries', c1935. Creator: Donald McLeish.
'Cobbles of the Quiet Other Court in Staple Inn at Holborn', c1935. Creator: Cyril Ellis.
'Little Dean's Yard at Westminster: A View of an English Public School', c1935. Creator: Donald McLeish.
'The Old Signs Have Come Back To Lombard Street', c1935. Creator: W Whiffin.
'Hyde Park Corner With The Triple Archway Leading To The Royal Park Showing Apsley House', c1935.  Creator: Unknown.
'Piccadilly and the Quadriga of Constitution Hill', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'An Addition To London's Monuments: The Royal Regiment of Artillery Memorial', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'Representation in Stone of a 9-Inch Howitzer That Caused Great Controversy', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'The Holy Isle of Thorney With Its Ancient Abbey As It Appears Today', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'High on a little hill in Greenwich Park -for even little hills are counted high in London - stands Creator: Unknown.
'Trafalgar Square. Where The King's Falcons Were Once Kept Along With The Royal Horses', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'St. Paul's Dome Brooding Over The Roof-Tops of Amen Court', c1935. Creator: Donald McLeish.
'The Great Church Built By Wren On The Site of Old St. Paul's', c1935. Creator: Francis Frith & Co.
'Spire of St. Martin's Ludgate Silhouetted Against The Bulk of St. Paul's', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'High Altar of St. Paul's Seen Down The Long Vista of the Choir', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'From Crown To Base of London's Vast Cathedral: The Whispering Gallery', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'-And The Crypt Where Many of England's Most Famous Sons Lie Buried', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'Richard The Lion-Heart on Horseback at Westminster', c1935. Creator: Arnold.
'A Roman Eagle Fittingly Symbolises The Flying Men of the Great War', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'The Crocus Carpet of Spring', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'Cleopatra's Needle Hewn Fourteen Hundred Years Before The Birth of Cleopatra', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'How London Has Changed Since "Toppers" Were Worn By Outside Passengers', c1900, (c1935).  Creator: Unknown.
'The Green Man at Putney Heath', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'The Tiger Tavern on Tower Hill', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'Barges Aground At Mortlake With The Tide at Full Ebb', c1935. Creator: Donald McLeish.
'Within Great St. Bartholomew's: Rahere's Tomb in the Choir', c1935. Creator: Joel.
'London-On-Sea: The Daily Excursion Boat Heads Into The Sunset On Its Return From Margate', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'Central London From Burlington House To Trafalgar House  As The Aircraft Sees It', c1935. Creator: Aerofilms.
'The New Palace on the Thames that is the Headquarters of the London County Council', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'One of the Best-Established Trades: A Customer and the Cats-Meat Man', c1935. Creator: Donald McLeish.
'The Three Basins of the East India Docks and the Blackwall Reach of the Thames Seen From The Air',  Creator: Aerofilms.
'Carriers of London's Food: Unloaded Cargo Boats in the South Dock of the West India Docks', c1935. Creator: Langfier.
'Baboons in their Natural Surroundings on the Monkey Hill', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'One of the Signs of Our Civilization: Well-Stocked Zoological Gardens to Delight the Curious', c193 Creator: Unknown.
'The City Lines Queen Victoria Street To Watch The New Lord Mayor and His Procession', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'Clifford's Inn: The Oldest and One of the Most Important Inns of Chancery', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'The Lair of the Law as Few Londoners Ever See It: The Temple and the Courts of Justice', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'Vista of Middle Temple Gardens from Fountain Court', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'Middle Temple Hall and the Quietude of Fountain Court', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'Pump Court in its Summer Garment of Leaves and Sunlight', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'A Passing View of Somerset House From The Strand', c1935. Creator: Donald McLeish.
'Stoke Newington in Summer-Time: The Bowling Green at Clissold Park', c1935. Creator: Donald McLeish.
'Cheyne Walk, A Demure Road Looking Over The River, Is Rich In Memories', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'A Living Statue in Whitehall: The Lifeguards' Sentry', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'Horse Guards Parade Framed in the Archway of Treasury Passage', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'Upper Part off Regent Street, The Paradise of London's Shoppers', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'The Puzzle of Familiar Streets from a New and Thrilling Vantage Point', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'The Coopers' Arms from the Churchyard of St. Olave's, Silver Street', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'Memorial in St. Paul's Churchyard of the Cross Destroyed By The Roundheads', c1935. Creator: Donald McLeish.
'Mists of a London Evening on the Surrey Shore By Waterloo Bridge', c1935. Creator: Huson.
'Subduing a Conflagration in a Narrow City Street', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'How The London Fire Brigade Comes To Grips With Its Enemy', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'The Hand of Wren in the Fabric of Westminster Abbey', c1935. Creator: Donald McLeish.
'Under the Elms in Dean's Yard on a Day of July', c1935. Creator: McLeish.
'The Abbey's Grand Interior: Looking West from the Chapel of the Confessor', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'The High Altar and Reredos Beyond The Choir of Westminster Abbey', c1935. Creator: Francis Frith & Co.
'The Modern North Front and the Main Entrance to the Abbey', c1935. Creator: Unknown.