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Orientalist Study of a Woman, 1858. Creator: Roger Fenton.
The Council of War on the Morning of the Taking of the Mamelon. Lord Raglan, Omar Pasha, M..., 1855. Creator: Roger Fenton.
Birth of St. John, 1857. Creator: Roger Fenton.
Isma'il Pasha, Khedive of Egypt, c1860s.Artist: Roger Fenton
The cook house of the 8th Hussars, Crimean War, 1855, (1951). Artist: Roger Fenton
West front of Horse Guards, Westminster, London, c1860. Artist: Roger Fenton
Waterloo Bridge, London, c1854. Artist: Roger Fenton
A view eastwards across Trafalgar Square, London, c1850. Artist: Roger Fenton
Westminster Abbey, and the Palace of Westminster under construction, London, c1857. Artist: Roger Fenton