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'George IV', (c1911). Creator: Unknown.
The Duchess of Richmond, 1842. Creator: George Raphael Ward.
Portrait of Miss Frances Maria Kelly, actress and singer, c.1815. Creator: H Millett.
Portrait of Miss Frances Maria Kelly, actress and singer, c1815. Creator: H Millett.
The Calmady children, after 1850. Creator: English School.
''A Child with a Kid'; after Sir Thomas Lawrence, P.R.A', 1890. Creator: Charles Roberts.
"Whitemarsh Hall," Edward Townsend Stotesbury house, Wyndmoor, Pennsylvania, 1922 or 1923. Creator: Frances Benjamin Johnston.
Master Lambton, published March 26, 1827. Creator: Samuel Cousins.
Miss Julia MacDonald, 1830/31. Creator: Samuel Cousins.
Elizabeth Farran, 1792. Creator: Francesco Bartolozzi.
The Calmady Children, 1848. Creator: Edward William Wyon.
The Calmady Children, 1848. Creator: Edward William Wyon.
Miss Elizabeth Farren, Countess of Derby, 1792., 1792. Creator: Francesco Bartolozzi.
Nature (The Calmady Children), 1835. Creator: Samuel Cousins.
Portrait of Marguerite, Countess of Blessington, 1800-1835. Creator: Samuel William Reynolds.
Henry William Bunbury Drawing his "Long Minuet", 1789., 1789. Creator: Thomas Ryder.
George IV (1762-1830) as Prince Regent, after Lawrence, 1816. Creator: Henry Bone.
'Mrs. Siddons', c1796, (1942).  Creator: Unknown.
Prince von Metternich, c1815, (1936). Creator: Unknown.
Sir James Mackintosh, Scottish politician and philosopher, c1804 (c1890). Creator: Unknown.
Thomas Moore, Irish poet and biographer of Lord Byron, c1829 (c1890). Creator: Unknown.
'William Pitt Amherst, Earl Amherst', early 19th century. Creator: S Freeman.
'John Julius Angerstein, Esq.', 1832. Creator: Edward Scriven.
'J. Abernethy', (1846). Creator: John Cochran.
'Robert Banks Jenkinson, Earl of Liverpool', c1820, (mid 19th century). Creator: H Robinson.
'William IV', c1831, (1919). Artist: FC Lewis.
William Pitt, c1800s, (1941). Artist: Unknown.
Viscount Castlereagh, early 1800s, (1941).  Artist: Unknown.
'Sir Walter Scott', c1821, (1896). Artist: John Horsburgh.
'Lord Charles Whitworth', c1800-1814, (1896). Artist: R. G. Tietze.
'Field-Marshal Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington', c1810, (1896). Artist: R. G. Tietze.
'Napoleon-François-Charles Joseph', 1819, (1896). Creator: M Haider.
Portrait of the Duke of Wellington, 1860. Artist: Spiridione Gambardella.
'Fürst Metternich 1773-1859', 1934. Creator: Unknown.
'Staatskanzler Fürst Hardenberg 1750-1822. - Gemälde von Lawrence', 1934. Creator: Unknown.
'General Sir Thomas Graham, G.C.B. (Afterwards Lord Lynedoch)', 1902. Artist: Unknown.
William Pitt the Younger, English politician and Prime Minister, 19th century (1894). Artist: Charles Turner.
Sarah Siddons, Welsh actress, as Zara in William Congreve's play The Mourning Bride, c1783 (1894). Artist: John Raphael Smith.
Miss Elizabeth Farren, afterwards Countess of Derby, c1792 (1894). Artist: Francesco Bartolozzi.
'Lieut. General Sir John Moore, K.B.', c1809 (1909). Artist: Charles Turner.
Portrait of the Duke of Wellington, 1860. Artist: Spiridione Gambardella.
'La Comtesse De Lieven', 1823. Artist: William Bromley.
Charles, Second Earl Grey, British statesman, c1828 (1936).  Artist: Unknown.
William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne, British statesman, c1805 (1936). Artist: Unknown.
Sir Robert Peel, British statesman, c1836 (1936). Artist: Unknown.
'Mrs. Siddons', 1797. Artist: RJ Lane.
Lady Maria Theresa Lewis, 19th century, (1904). Artist: Samuel Cousins
Lady Lyndhurst, c1836, (1904). Artist: Samuel Cousins
The Calmady Children, c1823, (1916). Artist: CG Lewis
Mrs Cunliffe Offley, (1913). Artist: L Busiere
Admiral Sir Graham Moore (1764-1843) British sailor and a career officer, 1912. Artist: Unknown
Lieutenant-General Sir John Moore (1761-1809), c1805. (1912). Artist: Unknown
Frances Anne Fanny Kemble, (1809-1893), British actress, c1829, (1909). Artist: Richard James Lane
Warren Hastings, taken from a series of cigarette cards, 1935. Artist: Unknown
John Abernethy, English surgeon and physiologist.Artist: J Cochran
Warren Hastings, first Governor General of British India, (c1905). Artist: Unknown
Robert Banks Jenkinson, 2nd Earl of Liverpool, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, (1834).Artist: H Robinson
Edward Pellew, 1st Viscount Exmouth, British naval officer, (1834).Artist: H Robinson
Sir Robert Peel, 2nd Baronet, British Prime Minister, 1853 (1910).Artist: George Baxter
Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey, British Whig statesman and Prime Minister, (1893).Artist: W Roffe