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View of the Bank of England, 1816. Creator: Daniel Havell.
View of Regent Street, London, from Picadilly Circus, 1822. Creator: J. Bluck.
View of Somerset House and the Thames from the south, 1817. Creator: Joseph Constantine Stadler.
View of Waterloo Bridge from the east side of the terrace of Somerset House, 1818. Creator: Joseph Constantine Stadler.
'The Harmonic Institution', 1828, (1942). Creator: William Wallis.
'Canterbury, Kent', 1822. Creator: J Greig.
'Gillespie Hospital, Edinburgh', 1830. Creator: A Cruse.
'Nelson's Monument, Calton Hill, Edinburgh', c1830. Creator: William Tombleson.
'New Merchant Maiden Hospital, Lauriston Lane, Edinburgh', c1830. Creator: J Henshall.
'Vegetable and Fish Market, From the 'Rainbow' Gallery, Edinburgh', 1830.  Creator: Ebenezer Stalker.
Regent Street from Piccadilly, c1822. Creator: J Bluck.
'Egyptian Hall, Mansion House: The Wilson Banquet', c1841. Artist: Henry Melville.
'King's College', c1841. Artist: Henry Melville.
'Royal Naval Museum, Somerset House', c1841. Artist: Henry Melville.
'Exeter Hall. The great Anti-Slavery Meeting, 1841', c1841. Artist: Henry Melville.
'St. George's Church, Hanover Square. Celebration of a Noble Marriage', c1841. Artist: Henry Melville.
'Banqueting House, Whitehall. Distribution of Her Majesty's Maundy', c1841. Artist: Henry Melville.
'The Guildhall. Installation of the Lord Mayor on the 8th of November', c1841. Artist: Henry Melville.
'Tomb of Queen Elizabeth: Henry VII's Chapel, Westminster Abbey', c1841. Artist: William Radclyffe.
'Thatched House Club. Dinner of the Dilettanti Society', c1841. Artist: John Henry Le Keux.
'Horse Guards. The Commander in Chief's Levee', c1841. Artist: T Turnbull.
'Roman Catholic Chapel, Moorfields. Celebration of High Mass on Christmas Day', c1841. Artist: Henry Melville.
'Lord Mayors Table, Guildhall. Grand Banquet on the 9th November', c1841. Artist: John Shury.
'Long Room in the Custom House. Payment of the Customs', c1841. Artist: Henry Melville.
'Exhibition of the Royal Academy. - Private View', c1841. Artists: Henry Melville, William Radclyffe, Edward Radclyffe.
'British Museum, - Elgin Room', c1841. Artists: Henry Melville, Edward Radclyffe, William Radclyffe.
'Chapel Royal - St. James' Palace', c1841. Artist: William Radclyffe.
'The Rotunda, Bank of England - Payment of Dividends', c1841. Artist: John Shury.
'Freemason's Hall', c1841. Artist: Henry Melville.
'Ceremony of Laying the First Stone of the New Royal Exchange', c1842. Artist: Henry Melville.
'Dover, from the Beach, Kent', 1846. Artist: Henry Winsor Bond.
'The Stone Quarries, Craigleith, near Edinburgh: From Which the New Town was Built', 1829. Artist: W Wallis.
'East End of the Bridewell, and Jail Governor's House, Edinburgh', 1829. Artist: William Tombleson.
'The Register Office, Prince's Street', 1829. Artist: Alexander McClatchie.
View of the entrance to the Thames Tunnel, London, 1854. Artist: Jules Louis Arnout
The Bank of England, c1830. Artist: Unknown
The Bank of England and new tower of the Royal Exchange, City of London, 1828. Artist: W Wallis
Entrance to Barber Surgeons' Hall, City of London, 1830.          Artist: John Greig
Barnard's Inn, City of London, c1830. Artist: W Symms
View of London Docks looking west, Wapping, 1831. Artist: MJ Starling
Lyon's Inn Hall, Lyon's Inn, Westminster, London, 1831. Artist: W Symms
View of St Katharine's Dock from the basin, London, c1830. Artist: Henry Jorden
Gasworks on Regent's Canal, London, 1828. Artist: Unknown
Junction of Regent's Canal at Paddington Basin, London, 1828. Artist: Unknown
The Royal College of Physicians, Pall Mall East, Westminster, London, 1828. Artist: Thomas Barber
Pall Mall East, Westminster, London, 1828. Artist: M Barrenger
Peterborough House, Millbank, Westminster, London, 1821. Artist: Thomas Dale
The New Bridge over the Serpentine, Hyde Park, London, 1827.Artist: MS Barenger
Clothworkers' Hall, Mincing Lane, City of London, 1830. Artist: W Wallis
College of Arms, City of London, 1827.                                                 Artist: W Wallis
North view of East India House, Leadenhall Street, City of London, 1850. Artist: Sir William Wallace
Installation of the Lord Mayor of London at the Guildhall, City of London, 1838.  Artist: Harden Sidney Melville
Church of St Mary Magdalen, Old Fish Street, City of London, 1831. Artist: William Wilkinson
Church of St Martin Orgar, Martin Lane, City of London, 1831. Artist: James B Allen
Saddlers' Hall, Cheapside, City of London, 1830. Artist: W Watkins
'The London Institution, Finsbury Circus', London, 1827. Artist: William Deeble
Aldgate, London, 1830. Artist: W Wallis
Aldgate High Street, London, 1830. Artist: W Wallis
Fishmongers' Hall, Thames Street, London, c1835. Artist: John Greig
Sadler's Wells, Finsbury, London, c1820. Artist: J Garner