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Scene at Lutworth, 1870/80. Creator: Unknown.
The Lake of Zug, 1888.. Creators: John Ruskin, Thomas Goff Lupton.
'Scene at Colgong on the Ganges', 1845. Creator: Unknown.
'View near Jubbera', 1845. Creator: Unknown.
'Mussooree and the Dhoon, from Landour', 1845. Creator: Unknown.
'Valley of the Dhoon, Himalaya Mountains', 1845. Creator: Unknown.
'Pilgrims at the Sacred Fair of Hurdwar', 1845. Creator: Unknown.
A Shipwreck, 1805/07. Creator: Charles Turner.
Kingston Bank, No.2, 1896. Creator: Frank Short.
Moonlight on a River, 1896. Creator: Frank Short.
The Timber Raft on the Rhine, 1898. Creator: Frank Short.
The Mouth of the Thames?Isle of Sheppey in Distance, 1891. Creator: Frank Short.
La locomotive, 1873. Creator: Felix Bracquemond.
Whalers, 1879-80. Creator: Robert Brandard.
'Boston, Lincolnshire', 1838, (1943).  Creator: Unknown.
'Brighthelmston, Sussex', 1825. Creator: George Cooke.
'Bridges of St. Cloud and Sevres', c1835. Creator: J Radclyffe.
'Troyes', c1833, (mid-late 19th century). Creator: JC Armytage.
'High Wycombe from the Marlow Road', c1802, (c1900).  Creator: Unknown.
'Lucerne and the Righi: Early Dawn', c1840s, (c1900).  Creator: Unknown.
'Hornby Castle from Tatham Church', c1822. Creator: William Radclyffe.
'Ilfracomb, North Devon',  c1818. Creator: William Bernard Cooke.
'Saint Denis', 1835. Artist: William Miller.
'Melun', 1835. Artist: S Fisher.
'Bridge of St. Cloud from Sevres', 1835. Artist: S Fisher.
'View on the Seine, between Mantes and Vernon', 1837. Artist: Edward Paxman Brandard.
'St. Germains', 1835. Creator: James Baylis Allen.
Whitstable, Kent, 19th century. Artist: J Horsburgh
'The Lake of Lucerne', 19th century.Artist: R Wallis
'The Opening of the Walhalla', 19th century.Artist: C Cousen
'Heidelberg', 19th century.Artist: TA Prior
'Abingdon', 19th century.Artist: C Cousen
'Kirby Lonsdale Church Yard', 19th century. Artist: C Heath
Rocks at Colgong on the Ganges, India, 1838. Artist: Edward Goodall
Mussoorie and the Dhoon valley, India, c1860.Artist: James B Allen
Snowy Range, India, c1860.Artist: E Goodall
'Caligula's Palace and Bridge', 19th century.Artist: E Goodall
The Acropolis, Athens, Greece, 19th century.Artist: J Cousins
'The Landing of William of Orange at Torbay, 1688', c1920. Artist: Unknown
Rome, from the Vatican, late 19th century.Artist: A Willmore
'The Pyramids', Giza, Egypt, 19th century. Artist: E Finden
Third Eddystone lighthouse, 19th century. Artist: Unknown