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Self portrait, 1820. Creator: Anders Gustaf Andersson.
Unknown officer, 1800. Creator: Anton Ulrik Berndes.
Unknown woman, possibly the artist's future wife Ulrika Maria Stahlberg, died 1797, 1786. Creator: Arvid Lundback.
Olaus Rudbeck d.a. (1630-1702), 1687. Creator: Kaspar Kenckel.
Unknown woman in landscape, c19th century. Creator: Carl Gottlob Schmeidlers.
van Brienen, Russian Councilor of Legation in Stockholm, 1815. Creator: Christian Horneman.
Princess Hedvig Elisabet Charlotta of Sweden, c18th century. Creator: Cornelius Hoyer.
Princess Teresa Kunigunda Sobieska (1676-1730), married to Maximilian II Emanuel, Elector..., 1708. Creator: David Le Clerc.
The Artist's Wife, 1895. Creator: Eero Jarnefelt.
The Fates. Creator: Egron Sellif Lundgren.
Unknown man, c18th century. Creator: Francois Dumont.
Princess Sophie Hedvig of Danmark (1677-1753), c1710s. Creator: Georg Saleman.
Self-portrait, 1906. Creator: Ivar Arosenius.
The First Flower of Spring. Portrait of Ole Kruse, 1902. Creator: Ivar Arosenius.
Unknown officer, 1839. Creator: Johan Deshington.
Ulrica Scharp (1743-1839), born Liedman, 1798. Creator: Giovanni Domenico Bossi.
Ulrika Magdalena Levin, 1771-1828, married 1. Björkman, 2. Skjöldebrand, Baroness, 1811. Creator: Giovanni Domenico Bossi.
Unknown man, c1800. Creator: John Barry.
The Artist Louis Masreliez, 1810. Creator: Leonard Henrik Roos af Hjelmsater.
Self portrait, 1800. Creator: Lorentz Svensson Sparrgren.
Unknown woman,  c.1850. Creator: Louise Besnard.
Stéphanie Félicité Ducrest de St-Aubin, 1746-1831, c1780. Creator: Marie Gabrielle Capet.
Portrait of young woman in profile, c1800. Creator: Marie-Nicole Vestier.
Queen Kristina of Sweden Visiting Professor Saumaise, 1794. Creator: Nicolas Lavreince.
Ulrika Eleonora d.y. (1688-1741), Queen of Sweden, her consort Frederick I..., 18th century. Creator: Niklas Lavreince.
Ulrika Eleonora d ä, Queen of Sweden, 1682. Creator: Pierre Signac.
Portrait of an unknown man, before 1757. Creator: Rosalba Giovanna Carriera.
Unknown man, c18th century. Creator: Thomas Hazlehurst.
View of Kungstradgarden in Stockholm, 1805. Creator: Axel Fredrik Cederholm.
View of Stockholm, c18th century. Creator: Elias Martin.
View of Stockholm, c18th century. Creator: Elias Martin.
View of Stockholm, c18th century. Creator: Elias Martin.
View of Stockholm, c18th century. Creator: Elias Martin.
View of Stockholm, c18th century. Creator: Elias Martin.
While the Wig is Being Powdered, c18th century. Creator: Pehr Nordquist.
Carel Hendrik Ver Huell (1764-1845), Vice-Admiral of the Batavian fleet and Minister..., (1804). Creator: Louis Marie Sicardi.
Horseman, 1657-1733. Creator: Jan van Huchtenburg.
19th century interior with paintings and standing figure, 1842-1848. Creator: Augustus Wijnantz.
Water under trees at the end of a forest, 1835-1877. Creator: Jan Willem van Borselen.
The discovery of Moses, 1744-1781. Creator: Jean Baptiste Le Prince.
Man and a woman on horseback on a country road, 1802. Creator: Johannes Vinkeles.
Landscape with the story of Jephthah's daughter, 1580-1589. Creator: Jacob Savery I.
Italian Landscape with a Boating Party. Creator: Louis Gabriel Moreau.
Saint Peter and other Seated Apostles, with Saint John the Evangelist Below, n.d. Creators: Correggio, Unknown.
Italianate Coastal Scene with Fishermen, Encampment (recto); River Estuary (verso), 1675/99. Creator: Unknown.
Donkey, 1833. Creator: Alexandre Gabriel Descamps.
Greek Village, 1828/30. Creator: Alexandre Gabriel Descamps.
The Changeling, c. 1780. Creator: Henry Fuseli.
Summer, 1873. Creator: Pierre Puvis de Chavannes.
Scene from the Suppression of the Paris Commune in May, 1871, c. 1871. Creator: Daniel Urrabieta Vierge.
Harbor with Cutters, 1841. Creators: Eugene Blery, Eduard Julius Friedrich Bendemann.
Fisherman Seated on Lobster Pot, 19th century. Creator: Eugene Blery.
La Peri (Mythological Subject), 1865. Creator: Gustave Moreau.
L'Inspiration, c. 1893. Creator: Gustave Moreau.
L'Aimable Paysanne, c.1780. Creator: Jacques Philippe Joseph de Saint-Quentin.
Portrait présumé de Rosalie Fragonard, c.1780. Creator: Marie-Anne Fragonard.
Esquisse pour le théâtre du Châtelet : La musique, 1891. Creator: Francois Lafon.
Esquisse pour le foyer du théâtre du Châtelet : La danse, c.1891. Creator: Francois Lafon.
Esquisse pour la galerie des Métiers de l'Hôtel de Ville : Fondeurs, 1890. Creator: Pierre Victor Galland.
Esquisse pour la galerie des Métiers de l'Hôtel de Ville : Agriculture, 1890. Creator: Pierre Victor Galland.