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Grotesque head in profile, c15th century. Creator: Anon.
Ida Ilsted, the Artist's Wife, 1890. Creator: Vilhelm Hammershoi.
Winter Night in the Mountains. Study, from 1901 until 1902. Creator: Harald Sohlberg.
Forest Interior, 1865. Creator: Theodore Rousseau.
Prometheus Bound. Creator: Christian Schussele.
Study for "The Fishermen" with Men Emptying the Nets (Etude pour "Les Pêcheurs"...), 1894/1895. Creator: Georges Lacombe.
Reclining Male Nude, n.d. Creator: Pierre Puvis de Chavannes.
Two Flying Figures with a Lyre (Study for The Sacred Grove, Beloved of the Arts and the...), c.1883. Creator: Pierre Puvis de Chavannes.
Landscape with Sun Breaking Through Clouds, n.d. Creator: Unknown.
Female Head in Profile to Right, n.d. Creator: Carlo Cignani.
Seated Male Nude, n.d. Creator: Carlo Cignani.
Prospero, Miranda, Caliban and Ariel, 1800/05. Creator: Henry Fuseli.
Studies of Nudes, n.d. Creator: Henry Fuseli.
The Changeling, c. 1780. Creator: Henry Fuseli.
Kneeling Female Saint in Profile, 1576-1641. Creator: Lazzaro Tavarone.
Hilly Landscape, n.d. Creator: Richard Wilson.
Rocky Landscape with Standing Figure, n.d. Creator: Richard Wilson.
Ruins in a Mountainous Country, n.d. Creator: Richard Wilson.
Sketch of Trees Near Bridge (recto); Sketch of Building (verso), n.d. Creator: Richard Wilson.
Beach with Fishing Boats (recto); Landscape with Farmer Plowing a Field (verso), 1870/79. Creator: Eugene Louis Boudin.
Esquisse pour les salons d'entrée de l'Hôtel de Ville de Paris : Scène antique, le triomphe..., 1892 Creator: Jules-Jean Ferry.
Sketch for the Hôtel de Ville in Paris, c.1892-1893. Creator: Victor Emile Prouve.
Esquisse pour la galerie Lobau de l'Hôtel de Ville de Paris : Projet ornemental de coupole, 1890. Creator: Jean Pierre Victor Mazies.
Sketch for the Lobau gallery of the Hotel de Ville in Paris: Family, 1890. Creator: Jean Pierre Victor Mazies.
Sketch for the Lobau gallery of the Hotel de Ville in Paris: The homeland, 1890. Creator: Jean Pierre Victor Mazies.
The Bronx, 1902. Creator: Oscar Bluemner.
Drapery Study, 1888. Creator: Karel Vitezslav Masek.
Group Composition from Fantasia Enchained, 1873/75. Creator: Adolf Hiremy-Hirschl.
River Stream with Mountains in the Distance, 1856/92. Creator: Alexander Helwig Wyant.
Bourgeois Interior, 1890/91. Creator: Georges Lemmen.
Diogenes, 1774. Creator: John Downman.
Virgin Feeding Porridge to the Christ Child, with Saint Joseph and Kneeling Angel, n.d. Creator: Abraham Delfos.
Boats on Ocean, n.d. Creator: Jan van Goyen.
Refreshment, c.1895. Creator: Jozef Israels.
Landzicht Farm: Compositional Study, c.1905. Creator: Piet Mondrian.
Geinrust Farm: Close Frontal View, c.1905-06. Creator: Piet Mondrian.
Cottages with a Woman Working in the Middle Ground, 1890. Creator: Vincent van Gogh.
Study for Standing Man Wearing Sash and Striking Dramatic Pose, n.d. Creator: Thomas Duncan.
Portrait Bust of Youth, n.d. Creator: Unknown.
Two American Officers, n.d. Creator: John Singleton Copley.
Landscape, n.d. Creator: William Morris Hunt.
Shepherdess Leaning Against a Tree, 1857–60. Creator: Jean Francois Millet.
Two Studies of a Seated Peasant Woman (recto); Study of a Young Girl Wearing a Hat (verso), c. 1869. Creator: Jean Francois Millet.
Peasant Watering Her Cow, 1871/1873. Creator: Jean Francois Millet.
Two Sketches of a Peasant, seen from Behind, 1850/1852. Creator: Jean Francois Millet.
Sleeping Peasant, c. 1865. Creator: Jean Francois Millet.
Sheet of Sketches: Standing Female Nude, Tree, Still Life, Fingers and Eye, n.d. Creator: Jean Francois Millet.
The Departure for Work, 1857. Creator: Jean Francois Millet.
Study for L'Autopsie, 1867/69. Creator: Paul Cezanne.
Academic Nude, Seen from the Back, 1862. Creator: Paul Cezanne.
Hilly Landscape with Figures Beside Waterfall, 1785. Creator: Gerard van Nijmegen.
Landscape with Couple and Dog, n.d. Creator: Hendrik Pieter Koekkoek.
Self-Portrait, 1835. Creator: Johannes Cornelis Haccou.
Portrait of Charles Deering, 1893. Creator: Anders Leonard Zorn.
Bather (Evening) III, 1896. Creator: Anders Leonard Zorn.
Sappo, 1917. Creator: Anders Leonard Zorn.
Sappo, 1917. Creator: Anders Leonard Zorn.
Nude Study, 1884. Creator: Anders Leonard Zorn.
Cercles d'eau II, 1907. Creator: Anders Leonard Zorn.
Edö, 1907. Creator: Anders Leonard Zorn.