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The Two Wives of Jason, before 1872. Artist: Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones.
Drawing of Carpaccio's Dream of Saint Ursula, 1876. Artist: John Ruskin.
The Old Tower, Cologne Cathedral, early 19th century. Artist: Samuel Prout.
Portrait of Marie-Amélie, Queen of France, mid 19th century. Artist: Aleksandr Pavlovich Bryulov.
Christ Church College, Oxford, 1832-1833. Artist: JMW Turner.
An Exhibition at the Old Town Hall, Oxford, 1854. Artist: George Pyne.
The Prospect, 1864-1881. Artist: Samuel Palmer.
Saint-Florent-le-Vieil, c1826-1830. Artist: JMW Turner.
The Knight of the Sun, 1860-1861. Artist: Arthur Hughes.
Design for the Decor of 'La Salle du Trone' in 'Le Rossignol', 1914. Artist: Alexandre Benois.
Design for a Costume of a Marquise for the ballerina Tamara Karsavina, 1924. Artist: Konstantin Somov.
Couple dressed for a Venetian Carnival, 1930. Artist: Konstantin Somov.
Fireworks, 1929. Artist: Konstantin Somov.
Landscape with Shepherds and Goats, 1931. Artist: Konstantin Somov.
Fêtes aux environs de Venise, 1930. Artist: Konstantin Somov.
Lady with a Dog, 1928. Artist: Konstantin Somov.
Russian ballet, 1930. Artist: Konstantin Somov.
Bathers in the Sun, 1930. Artist: Konstantin Somov.
Landscape with grey Clouds, 1897. Artist: Konstantin Somov.
Russian Ballet, Champs-Elysees: Les Sylphides, 1932. Artist: Konstantin Somov.
Greedy Monkey, 1929. Artist: Konstantin Somov.
Decor for 'La Tragedie de Salome', 1912. Artist: Leon Bakst.
Costume of 'La Divinite Mineure' for 'Narcisse', 1911. Artist: Leon Bakst.
Entrance to the Baths at the Alhambra, c1830s. Artist: John Frederick Lewis.
The Hills of Moab and the Valley of Hinnom, 1854. Artist: Thomas Seddon.
Sir Lancelot's Vision of the Sanc Grael: Study for the Fresco painting in the Oxford Student Union,  Artist: Dante Gabriel Rossetti.
May on the Hill, late 19th century. Artist: John William North.
Design for the Count's Costume in Act III of 'The Sleeping Princess', 1922. Artist: Leon Bakst.
Two Acolytes Censing: Pentecost, 1863. Artist: Simeon Solomon.
Winter Landscape, early 20th century. Artist: Konstantin Korovin.
Winter Landscape with two wooden Huts, early 20th century. Artist: Konstantin Korovin.
Italianate Landscape with Travellers on a winding Road, 1775-1779. Artist: Thomas Gainsborough.
'Wistaria, c1887, (1901). Artist: Mortimer L Menpes.
'Arma Virumque Cano', c1900, (1910). Artist: Reginald Augustus Wymer.
'Apple Blossom', 1869. Artist: Walter Crane.
'Fruit piece', c1855. Artist: William Henry Hunt.
'The Roman Bridge', c1880-1900. Artist: Henry Clarence Whaite
'The Diver', 1867-70. Artist: Paul Cezanne.
'Rudesheim', 1817. Artist: JMW Turner.
'Nymphs of the moon', 1896. Creator: Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones.
'Study for 'The seed of David' Alterpiece: David as King', c1860. Artists: King David, Dante Gabriel Rossetti.
'Design for the St George Mosaic with Marginal studies', 1869. Artists: Edward John Poynter, St George.
'Hudibras in the Stocks', 1850. Artist: Sir John Gilbert
'Othello and Desdemona before the Senate', 1847.                  Artist: Sir John Gilbert
Scene from George Crabbe's Tales of the hall, 19th century.                    Artist: Henry Corbould
The proclamation of Queen Victoria at St James's Palace, Westminster, London, 1837. Artist: William Heysham Overend
View of Salem Chapel and a tobacconists in Fitzroy Square, London, 1853.               Artist: Anon
Percy Chapel, Charlotte Street, Fitzroy Square, London, 1857.                              Artist: Anon
Occasional Chapel, Weir's Passage and Temperance Hall, St Pancras, London, 1855. Artist: Thomas Hosmer Shepherd
'Study of Fish: Two Tench, a Trout and a Perch', c1822-1824.  Artist: JMW Turner
'HMS 'The Victory' at Portsmouth', 1907.                                 Artist: Albert Goodwin
'A Mermaid', c1772-1845. Artist: Robert Smirke
'View South West of Cairo', 1851.          Artist: William Clerihew
'Durham Cathedral', 1903. Artist: Albert Goodwin
'John Britten', 1848. Artist: John Hayter
'Edmund Burke', 1774-1775. Artist: Edmund Burke