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The Corvette "Galathea" in a Storm in the North Sea, 1839. Creator: CW Eckersberg.
'Les destructions de monuments a Venise; Coupole de l'eglise San-Pietro di Castello', 1916. Creator: Unknown.
'The Duke of Clarence and Avondale at Scarborough, 1890. Creator: Unknown.
'General view of the City of Venice', 1854. Creator: Unknown.
'The recent eruption of Mount Etna, Sicily - A view of the new crater', 1886.  Creator: William Lionel Wyllie.
'View of the Trondhjem Fiord; Northern Wanderings', 1875. Creator: Frank Usher.
'View of the Fort of Bushire', c1891. Creator: James Grant.
'Thubare, A Small Harbour on the Arabian Coast, Upper Part of the Red Sea', 1834. Creator: Samuel Austin.
Wreck of the "Superb", as Seen through a Telescope, from Jersey, 1850. Creator: Unknown.
Wreck of the "Superb" Steamer, 1850. Creator: Unknown.
'El Wuish, - Red Sea', 1834. Creator: Clarkson Stanfield.
Harbor of Naples, n.d. Creator: Unknown.
Plains of Carthage, 1854. Creator: Miner Kilbourne Kellogg.
An Indian Ladder - Nayas Indians, 1855/1869. Creator: George Catlin.
Novi Belgii Novaeque Angliae Nec Non Partis Virginiae, 1651-55., 1651-55. Creator: Claes Jansz Visscher.
Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae: Port of Rome, 1581., 1581. Creator: Giovanni Ambrogio Brambilla.
Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae: Birdseye View of the Port of Rome, 1554., 1554. Creator: Giulio de Musi.
Infernal Rock, Chincha Islands, ca. 1870. Creator: Unknown.
Rock of Gibraltar, 1880s-90s. Creator: Unknown.
The Harbor at Valletta, Malta, 1850s. Creator: Calvert Jones.
Arabie Troglodytique, 1644. Creator: Stefano della Bella.
'Amalfi and the sea, east from the Capuchin convent, Italy', c1909. Creator: Unknown.
'The Abbasid Caliphate v. Byzantine Empire, circa 786 A.D.', c1915.  Creator: Emery Walker Ltd.
'Dynasties in the time of the Buwayids, circa 932 A.D.', c1915. Creator: Emery Walker Ltd.
'Byzantine and Crusaders v. Seljuks, circa 1130 A.D.', c1915. Creator: Emery Walker Ltd.
'First Mongol Raid (Hulagu), circa 1400 A.D.', c1915.  Creator: Emery Walker Ltd.
'Second Mongol Raid (Timur), circa 1450 A.D.', c1915.  Creator: Emery Walker Ltd.
'Ottoman and Persian, after 1450 A.D.', c1915.  Creator: Emery Walker Ltd.
'Author's Routes in Asiatic Turkey', c1915.  Creator: Stanford's Geographical Establishment.
'India and the Campaigns of the Middle East', First World War, 1914-1918, (c1920). Creator: John Bartholomew & Son.
'Bagdad and the Persian Campaign', First World War, end of April 1916, (c1920). Creator: Unknown.
'Map illustrating the Closing Phases of the East African Campaign, 1917-18', (c1920).  Creator: Unknown.
'The Great City of Bombay, the Metropolis of Western India, from Malabar Hill', c1930s. Creator: Unknown.
'Area of General Cadorna's Triumph on the Lower Isonzo', 1917. Creator: Unknown.
'General Map of the Balkan Operations in the Autumn of 1916', 1917. Creator: Unknown.
'Christopher Columbus', (1451-1506), 1830. Creator: Unknown.
Map showing the movements of 'HMS Ark Royal', 1939-1941, (1942). Creator: Unknown.
'Canute Reproving the Flattery of his Courtiers', c1890. Creator: Unknown.
'Map illustrating the Operations in the Persian Gulf', First World War, 1915, (c1920). Creator: Unknown.
'The Balkan States After the Wars of 1912-13', (c1920). Creator: John Bartholomew & Son.
Map of the Turkish attack on the Suez Canal, Egypt, First World War, 1915, (c1920). Creator: Unknown.
'Lord Exmouth's Fleet bombarding the City of Algiers', 1816. Creator: Unknown.
'Monte Carlo's Capital, Monaco - In the smallest principality on earth', 1899. Creator: Underwood & Underwood.
'Algiers, from the Sea', 1890.   Creator: Unknown.
'La Rochelle', 1890.   Creator: Unknown.
'Tyre', 1890.   Creator: Unknown.
'Spalatro, from the Harbour', 1890.   Creator: Unknown.
'Jaffa', 1890. Creator: Unknown.
'Syracuse', 1890.   Creator: Unknown.
'Map of Epirus and Western Greece', 1890.   Creator: Unknown.
Capture of French Marshal Joachim Murat, Calabria, Italy, 1815 (c1890). Creator: Unknown.
'La Digue', (The Promenade), c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Elizabeth Bay, Sydney Harbour. N.S.W.', . Creator: Unknown.
'Central Europe and the Mediterranean', 1919. Creator: London Geographical Institute.
'The Combing Wave, New Jersey Coast', c1897. Creator: Unknown.
'Cliff House and Seal Rocks, San Francisco', c1897. Creator: Unknown.
'Early Morning on New York Bay', c1897. Creator: Unknown.
'Natural Bridge on the Coast near Santa Cruz, California', c1897. Creator: Unknown.
'Shore Front, Marblehead, Massachusetts', c1897. Creator: Unknown.
'Carmel Bay, California', c1897. Creator: Unknown.