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Inauguration of Marochetti's Statue of Her Majesty, at Glasgow, 1854. Creator: Unknown.
''The Queen's visit to Glasgow, The new Municipal Buildings, opened by Her Majesty', 1888. Creator: Unknown.
''The Queen's visit to Glasgow and Paisley, the opening of the new Municipal Buildings Glasgow , by  Creator: Unknown.
Albert, Railway, and Victoria Bridges, plate six from the Clyde Set, 1889. Creators: David Young Cameron, F. Goulding.
The Clyde Near Carmyle, 1889. Creator: David Young Cameron.
The Vale of Clyde, 1898. Creator: David Young Cameron.
Glasgow Cathedral Screen, 1897. Creator: David Young Cameron.
Clutha Vase, Glasgow, c. 1895. Creator: Christopher Dresser.
Glasgow - View on the Clyde, Mid 19th century. Creator: George Washington Wilson.
Close No. 136 Saltmarket, 1868. Creator: Thomas Annan.
Plate 32: Close, No. 128 Saltmarket, 1868-1871, printed 1877. Creator: Thomas Annan.
Old Vennel, Off High Street, 1868-1871. Creator: Thomas Annan.
Burning of the Glasgow Theatre, 1845. Creator: Unknown.
Inauguration of the Wellington Statue, Glasgow, 1844. Creator: Unknown.
Garscube House, Scotland, 1860s-70s. Creator: Unknown.
'The Broomielaw Bridge, Glasgow', 1898. Creator: Unknown.
Launch of the 'Empress of Britain', Glasgow, 11 June 1930, (1935). Creator: Unknown.
'His Majesty Driving A Tram Through The Streets Of Glasgow ..., 1924', 1937. Creator: Unknown.
'Royal Exchange, Glasgow', 1832. Creator: David Allen.
'The King's Interest in Sport', 1931, (1937). Creator: Unknown.
'Glasgow Cathedral', c1807, (c1900). Creator: Unknown.
'Glasgow', c1930s. Artist: Donald McLeish.
' Mr. and Mrs. Gladstone driving through Glasgow at the General Election of 1892, 1900. Artist: Unknown.
'Art Galleries, Glasgow', c1904.  Artist: Unknown.
The bridge and Broomielaw Quay, Glasgow, Scotland, 1886. Artist: R Wallis
Telling room, National Bank of Scotland, Glasgow, c1860. Artist: Unknown
Exterior view of the National Bank, Glasgow, Scotland, c1850. Artist: Unknown
Necropolis (cemetery) in Glasgow, 1888. Artist: Unknown
The inner court of the University of Glasgow, Scotland, 1870.Artist: T Flemming
Glasgow Cathedral, Scotland, 19th century. Artist: J Horsburgh
Queen Elizabeth II and Jean Roberts, Lord Provost of Glasgow, visiting the Gorbals, Glasgow, 1961. Artist: Unknown
A tram conductor in her winter uniform, possibly in Glasgow, 1915. Artist: Unknown
English actor Albert Finney in Glasgow to learn more about the theatre, Scotland, 1963. Artist: Unknown
Glasgow University, Glasgow, early 20th century. Artist: Unknown
Soldiers firing on rioters during the insurrection at Glasgow, 1706 (19th century). Artist: Unknown
Interior of Glasgow Cathedral, Scotland, late 19th century.Artist: Underwood & Underwood
Princess Margaret during a royal visit to Glasgow, 1962. Artist: Unknown
The ocean liner RMS 'Queen Mary', Clydebank, Glasgow, 1934 (1935).Artist: John Brown & Company
Shipyards and shipping on the Clyde, c1880.Artist: V Dutertre
A Gray Dunn delivery vehicle,  Glasgow, Scotland, 1956. Artist: Unknown
Machine shop in the Argyll car factory, Glasgow, c1899-c1930. Artist: Unknown
Machine shop in the Argyll car factory, Glasgow, c1899-c1930. Artist: Unknown
Joseph Lister, English surgeon, on his ward round in Glasgow Royal Infirmary, c1867 (1927). Artist: Unknown
Telford's bridge over the Clyde at Broomielaw, Glasgow, 1891. Artist: Unknown
Joseph Black visiting James Watt in his Glasgow workshop, c1760 (c1879). Artist: Unknown
New Lanark Mills, Scotland, c1815. Artist: Unknown
Lord Kelvin, Scottish mathematician and physicist, 1899. Artist: Unknown
Charging a blast furnace at the Govan Iron Works, Scotland, c1885. Artist: Unknown