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'West Prospect of Oxford', 19th century, (1943).  Creator: William Turner.
'The New Examinations Schools', 1898. Creator: Unknown.
'Oxford, from Headington Hill', 1898. Creator: Unknown.
'The Tower of Merton, from the Garden', 1898. Creator: Unknown.
'New College, from the Gardens', 1898. Creator: Unknown.
'The Barges', 1898. Creator: Unknown.
'The Hall of Oriel', c1870.
'Christ Church, from Merton Meadows', c1870.
'St. Mary's Porch, Oxford', c1870.
'Gateway into the Garden at St. John's', c1870.
'The Lime Walk, Trinity', c1870.
'The Starting Point of Morris Motors', 1912, (1933).  Creator: Unknown.
Merton College, Oxford, Oxfordshire.  Creator: Unknown.
'The Sister of King Sweyn murdered in the General Massacre of the Danes by the Saxons …1002', c1890. Creator: Unknown.
'The Prince and Princess of Wales at the Oxford Commemoration...1863', (1901). Creator: Unknown.
'The Mitre, Oxford', 1936.   Creator: Unknown.
'Fan Pillar and Roof Outside Christchurch Hall', 1902. Creator: Charles Gillman & Co.
'New College Gate and Lane', 1902. Creator: Unknown.
Family portrait, Apsley Paddox, Woodstock Road, Oxford, Oxfordshire, 1913. Creator: Henry Taunt.
Beef Lane, Oxford, Oxfordshire, 1928. Creator: Michael John Hewetson Bunney.
'All Saints in Oxford', 1720s. Creator: Michael Burghers.
'The Lecture', 1808, (1827).  Creator: Thomas Cook.
'Frontispiece to the Terrae Filius', 1808, (1827). Creator: Thomas Cook.
'St. Mary's Church & Radcliffe Library at Oxford', c18th century.  Creator: Unknown.
'The Lecture', 1736, (1830s). Creator: Unknown.
'Honorary Degree at Oxford', 1925, (1945). Creator: Unknown.
'Interior of the Radcliffe Library', 1835.  Creator: John Henry Le Keux.
Interior of the Radcliffe Library, c1813.  Creator: J Bluck.
The Broad Walk, Oxford, 1894. Creator: Unknown.
Women wrestlers, St Giles Fair, Oxford, Oxfordshire, 1909. Creator: Henry Taunt.
Carousel ride, St Giles Fair, Oxford, Oxfordshire, 1895. Creator: Henry Taunt.
Manor Ground, Oxford, Oxfordshire, 1992. Artist: Aerofilms.
Beating the Bounds, Longwall Street, Oxford, Oxfordshire, 1908. Artist: Henry Taunt.
New Boat House, Oxford, 1880. Artist: WSW.
'Oxford', c1896. Artist: Charles Gillman & Co.
'University College from High Street, Oxford', c1896. Artist: Unknown.
Bishop King's Palace, St Aldates, Oxford, Oxfordshire, 1920. Artist: Henry Taunt.
Main gate, Botanic Garden, High Street, Oxford, Oxfordshire, 1911. Artist: Henry Taunt.
'A Distant View of Oxford', 1910. Artist: John Fulleylove.
Main gate, Botanic Garden, High Street, Oxford, Oxfordshire, 1911. Artist: Henry Taunt.
Young Highland calf at the Royal Show, Oxford, Oxfordshire, 1959. Artist: John Gay.
Bell tower of Magdalen College, Oxford, Oxfordshire, 1885. Artist: Henry Taunt.
Lime walk in the snow, Trinity College, Oxford, Oxfordshire, 1880. Artist: Henry Taunt.
View of the High Street, Oxford, 1809-1810. Artist: JMW Turner.
The University Museum: Oxford almanack for 1860. Artist: John Le Keux.
Hythe Bridge, Oxford, 1789. Artist: John Baptist Malchair.
Christ Church College, Oxford, 1832-1833. Artist: JMW Turner.
An Exhibition at the Old Town Hall, Oxford, 1854. Artist: George Pyne.
Cloisters at New College, Oxford, late 19th century. Artist: John Fulleylove.
Balliol Chapel and Library from the Grove, 2 August 1783. Artist: John Baptist Malchair.
View from Merton College, 28 February 1791. Artist: John Baptist Malchair.
Christ Church Cathedral from the Dean's Garden, 10 June 1775. Artist: John Baptist Malchair.
Sun Setting seen from the Observatory at Oxford, 20 December 1784. Artist: John Baptist Malchair.
Pembroke College. Oxon., 9 November 1786. Artist: John Baptist Malchair.
Christ Church from St Aldates, 1787. Artist: John Baptist Malchair.
Design Studies for Capitals for the University Museum, Oxford, 19th century. Artist: John Ruskin.
The Sculpture Gallery in the Examination Schools, Oxford, 1813. Artist: William Westall.
View of Oxford from the River, early 19th century. Artist: William Turner.
St Giles' Fair, from a Window of the Randolph Hotel, 1945. Artist: David Muirhead Bone.
View of Oxford from Headington, c1803-1804. Artist: William Turner.