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Alexander Pope's villa in Twickenham on the Thames, 1773. Creator: Elias Martin.
'Waterloo Bridge and Somerset House, London', c1910.  Creator: Unknown.
St. Paul's from Under Waterloo Bridge, Low Tide, 1862. Creator: Thomas Moran.
Nouveau Theatre de la Grande Bretagne: Ou Description Exacte des Palais de La Reine, et de..., 1708. Creator: Johannes Kip.
Trip of Laing Sports Club members on the River Thames near Windsor, Berkshire, 09/05/1971. Creator: John Laing plc.
Westminster, Evening, 1909. Creator: Joseph Pennell.
London Night, Whiskey and Tea, 1909. Creator: Joseph Pennell.
Wren's City, 1909. Creator: Joseph Pennell.
Environs de Gravesend, 1883. Creator: Felix Hilaire Buhot.
Waterloo Bridge and Somerset House, 1905. Creator: Joseph Pennell.
London Bridge Stairs, 1903. Creator: Joseph Pennell.
Tower Bridge, Evening, 1905. Creator: Joseph Pennell.
Whitehall Court, 1903. Creator: Joseph Pennell.
Chelsea, No.II, 1886. Creator: Joseph Pennell.
London over Charing Cross Bridge, 1910. Creator: Joseph Pennell.
Shot Tower between the Bridges, 1910. Creator: Joseph Pennell.
[Hungerford Suspension Bridge], ca. 1845. Creator: William Henry Fox Talbot.
Old Waterloo Bridge, London, ca. 1846. Creator: William Henry Fox Talbot.
'A River Side Street', 1872.  Creator: Gustave Doré.
'Porters at Work', 1872.  Creator: Gustave Doré.
'Bisham Church', 1898. Creator: Unknown.
'York House', 1808. Creator: Unknown.
Section of the Thames Embarkment, 1867', (c1876). Creator: Unknown.
'The Tower of London', 1890.   Creator: Unknown.
'The Grapes, Limehouse, London', 1936.   Creator: Unknown.
'Victoria Embankment - London', 1906. Creator: Unknown.
'Talk Here About Politics - Jaenecke's Inks advertisement', 1909. Creator: Unknown.
'Old Windsor (The Fourth of June)', 1881. Creator: Unknown.
'Westminster in 1640', 1881. Creator: Wenceslaus Hollar.
'Destruction of the Old Houses of Parliament, October 16, 1834', (1881). Creator: Unknown.
'Waterloo Bridge', 1927. Creator: Percy Robertson.
'Hackney-Coach', 1787, (1925). Creator: Unknown.
'Frost Fair on the Thames', 1825, (1925). Creator: James Stow.
'The Tower of London', (c1872). Creator: Unknown.
'Remains of Old Holborn Bridge', (c1872). Creator: Unknown.
'The Thames at Runnymede', c1896. Artist: Valentine & Sons.
'Hampton Court Palace', c1896. Artist: Poulton & Co.
'Pangbourne Weir', c1896. Artist: Unknown.
'The Houses of Parliament', c1896. Artist: Unknown.
'The Tower Bridge', c1896. Artist: York & Son.
'The Tower of London', c1896. Artist: York & Son.
'From Richmond Hill, Surrey', c1896. Artist: York & Son.
'Sonning Lock: On the Thames', c1896. Artist: GW Wilson and Company.
'Cliefden Woods', c1896. Artist: Frith & Co.
'Henley Regatta', c1896. Artist: Marsh Brothers.
'Bridge and Weir at Great Marlow', c1896. Artist: GW Wilson and Company.
'Windsor Castle', c1896. Artist: J Russell & Sons.
'Eton: The College Chapel', c1896. Artist: Valentine & Sons.
'The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race', c1896. Artist: Donald Macbeth.
'The Quay, Blackwall Docks', 1810', (1920). Artist: Thomas Rowlandson.
'The Fair on the Frozen Thames, 1814', (1920). Artist: Luke Clennell.
'London Bridges Old and New, 1831', (1920). Artist: George Scharf.
'The Pool: Steamer Trips, 1841', (1920). Artist: William Parrott.
'The Bargee', 1920. Artist: CRW Nevinson.
'The Humours of Billingsgate, 1736', (1920). Artist: Arnoldus van Haecken.
'The Upper Pool from London Bridge, one of the busiest sections of the Port of London', 1936. Artist: Unknown.
'Below the Bridges', 1936. Artist: Unknown.
'St. Paul's Cathedral, London', 1910. Artist: William Lionel Wyllie.
'The Houses of Parliament, London', 1910. Artist: Herbert Menzies Marshall.
'Windsor Castle', 1910. Artist: Photochrom Co Ltd of London.