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Sir Richard Steele's House, Haverstock-Hill, 1858. Creator: Unknown.
The Soldiers' Infant Home, Roslyn-Park, Hampstead, 1856.  Creator: Unknown.
Hampstead, n.d. Creator: Margaret Carpenter.
Hampstead Heath. Creator: John Linnell.
The Highgate Model Yacht Club, 1854. Creator: Unknown.
Old Belsize House, Hampstead - from a print of the time, 1854. Creator: Unknown.
'The Graphic, Front Cover January 30th. 1886', 1886.  Creator: Lucien Davis.
Water-Carrier at Hampstead, 1850. Creator: Unknown.
Church of the Holy Trinity, Haverstock Hill, Consecrated on Tuesday last, 1850. Creator: Unknown.
Chancel of the Trinity Church, Haverstock Hill, 1850. Creator: Unknown.
The Meteor of Monday Night (Feb. 11), as seen near Hampstead, 1850. Creator: Unknown.
Hampstead, Stormy Sky, 1814. Creator: Unknown.
The Sand Pits, Hampstead Heath, 1834. Creator: John Linnell.
Hampstead Heath - The Bird Trap, 1845. Creator: William James Muller.
Cloud Study, Early Morning, Looking East from Hampstead, 1821. Creator: John Constable.
Hampstead Heath Looking Towards Harrow, 1821. Creator: John Constable.
Hampstead Heath looking towards Harrow, 1821 to 1822. Creator: John Constable.
Hampstead Heath, 1825 to 1830. Creator: John Constable.
Sir Richard Steele's Cottage, Hampstead, 1831 to 1832. Creator: John Constable.
A View on Hampstead Heath, Early Morning, ca. 1821. Creator: John Constable.
Undergrowth, ca. 1821. Creator: John Constable.
Hampstead Heath, with a Bonfire, ca. 1822. Creator: John Constable.
A View from Hampstead Heath(?), ca. 1825. Creator: John Constable.
Fire in London, Seen from Hampstead, Oct. 16, 1834, as seen from Hampstead, ca. 1826. Creator: John Constable.
A View at Hampstead with Stormy Weather, ca. 1830. Creator: John Constable.
Hampstead Heath, 1829. Creator: David Lucas.
Hampstead Heath, 1829. Creator: David Lucas.
Flora Rankin, Irene MacDonald, and Mary Josephine MacDonald at Elm Lodge, July 1863. Creator: Lewis Carroll.
Sonny Rollins, Klook's Kleek Club, Railway Hotel, West Hampstead, London, 1967. Creator: Brian Foskett.
Funeral of Marie Lloyd, Hampstead, London, 12 October 1922, (1933).  Creator: Unknown.
'Hampstead, from the Kilburn Road', c1876. Creator: Unknown.
'The Vale of Health', c1876. Creator: Unknown.
'Caen Wood, Lord Mansfield's House, in 1785', (c1876). Creator: Unknown.
'The "Spaniards", Hampstead Heath', c1876. Creator: Unknown.
'Jack Straw's Castle', c1876. Creator: Unknown.
'Hampstead Heath in 1840', (c1876). Creator: Unknown.
'The "Upper Flask", about 1800', (c1876). Creator: Unknown.
'John Keats', 1821, (c1876). Creator: Unknown.
'J. Baillie', c1810-1830, (c1876). Creator: Unknown.
'The Old Well Walk, Hampstead, about 1750', (c1876). Creator: Unknown.
'The Old Clock House, 1780', (c1876). Creator: Unknown.
'Keat's Seat, Old Well Walk', c1818, (c1876). Creator: Unknown.
'Old Houses in Church Row', c1876. Creator: Unknown.
'Church Row, Hampstead, in 1750', (c1876). Creator: Unknown.
'Vane House, in 1800', (c1876). Creator: Unknown.
'Rosslyn House', c1876. Creator: Unknown.
'View from "Moll King's House", Hampstead, in 1760', (c1876). Creator: Unknown.
'Belsize House in 1800', (c1876). Creator: Unknown.
'Shepherd's Well in 1820', (c1876). Creator: Unknown.
'Frognal Priory', c1876. Creator: Unknown.
'Pond Street, Hampstead, in 1750', (c1876). Creator: Unknown.
'View in the Studio of Sir E. A. Waterlow, R.A.', late 19th-early 20th century.  Creator: Unknown.
'The Express Dairy Company's Hygenic Dairy at Hampstead', 1902. Creator: Unknown.
'The Contemporary Idiom Brick House at Hampstead, London', 1941. Creator: Unknown.
'Bedroom in Hampstead, London, designed by J. Duncan Miller for Mrs. Schneerson', 1937. Creator: Unknown.
'Dining-alcove in living-room at Sun House, Hampstead, London', 1937. Creator: Unknown.
'Holly Place, A Quiet By-Way on the Side of Hampstead Hill', c1935. Creator: Unknown.
'Hampstead Church from Between the Leafy Walls of Frognal Lane', c1935. Creator: Donald McLeish.
'Resting Sheep in the Pastures of North London: A View of Hampstead Garden Suburb', c1935. Creator: Langfier.
'The House across the Street', 1951. Creator: Shirley Markham.