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Germany II, German bobsleigh team, 1928. Creator: Unknown.
Norwegian figure skater and film star Sonja Henie, 1928. Creator: Unknown.
Swedish figure skater Gillis Grafström, 1928. Creator: Unknown.
Austrian figure skater Willi Böckl, 1928. Creator: Unknown.
Canadian ice hockey team, 1928. Creator: Unknown.
Finnish speed skater Clas Thunberg, 1928. Creator: Unknown.
Udet lands on the Plateau du Trient, Mont Blanc, 1929, (1932). Creator: Unknown.
Sursee, Lucerne. Creator: HDG.
'Lucerne and the Righi: Early Dawn', c1840s, (c1900).  Creator: Unknown.
'Thun, Evening', c1870, (c1900). Creator: Unknown.
'Engelberg', (c1900). Creator: Unknown.
Map of Switzerland, 1902. Creator: Unknown.
'Yawning Crevasse By The Bergli Above Grindelwald', c1935. Artist: Unknown.
Lake of Brienz, Moonlight, 1802-1808. Artist: JMW Turner.
Fribourg, Switzerland: Pen sketch, July or August - September 1856. Artist: John Ruskin.
Afternoon in Spring, with south Wind, at Neuchatel, 30 April 1869. Artist: John Ruskin.
Morning in Spring, with north-east Wind, at Vevey, May - June 1849 or 1 May 1869. Artist: John Ruskin.
View of the castle of Oron, Switzerland with a hare hunter in the foreground, 1653. Artist: Caspar Merian.
'Chalet near Lucene', 1903. Artist: Mortimer L Menpes.
'Lake of Lucerne', 1903. Artist: Mortimer L Menpes.
Map of Switzerland. Artist: Unknown.
'The Skating Rink at Wengen', c1911, (1912). Artist: Wardrop Openshaw Muir.
'Two Little Swiss Villagers at Hospenthal', 1916. Artist: Donald McLeish.
'Grindelwald in Winter', 1910. Artist: John Swain & Son.
'The Pass of the Great Saint Bernard - Hospice of the Great St. Bernard', 1828. Artist: Edward Francis Finden.
'View on Lake of Brienz', 19th century, (1910). Artist: JMW Turner.
'Basle', c1830 (1915). Artist: Samuel Prout.
'Basle', c1830 (1915). Artist: Samuel Prout.
'Geneva', c1830 (1915). Artist: Samuel Prout.
'Geneva', c1830 (1915). Artist: Samuel Prout.
'Lausanne', c1830 (1915). Artist: Samuel Prout.
'Villa Negroni à Rome', c19th century. Artist: Jean Jacques Champin.
The Splugen Pass', c1841, (1938). Artist: JMW Turner.
A Swissair plane flying near St Moritz Aerodrome, Switzerland, c1936 (c1937). Artist: Unknown.
'Swiss Mountain Village', 1831, (1938). Artist: Louis Etienne Watelet.
'Fribourg, Switzerland: Sunrise', 1900, (1923). Artist: Albert Goodwin.
'La Place du Molard, Geneva,' c1830. Artist: Richard Parkes Bonington.
Advertisement for the Second Swiss National Car and Bicycle Exposition, Geneva, 1906. Artist: Unknown.
'The Lake of Thun, from Leissigen', c1910.  Artist: Ferdinand Hodler.
'Bellinzona: From the South', 1909. Artist: JMW Turner.
'Bellinzona: From the Road to Locarno', 1909. Artist: JMW Turner.
'Lausanne: From Le Signal', 1909. Artist: JMW Turner.
'Lausanne', 1909. Artist: JMW Turner.
'Zurich', 1909. Artist: JMW Turner.
'Tell's Chapel, Fluelen', 1909. Artist: JMW Turner.
'Lucerne', 1909. Artist: JMW Turner.
'The Villa Negroni', 18th century. Artist: John Robert Cozens.
'Les Paveurs de la Rue de Berne', 1878. Artist: Edouard Manet.
'The Retreat', c1871. Artist: Louis Eugene Benassit
'Rhine Gate, Cologne', 1819. Artist: JMW Turner.
Mountain sheep in Switzerland. Artist: Unknown
Grand Combin from Mont Avril.
Wettstein Bridge, Basel, Switzerland, c1936. Artist: Unknown
View in Berne, Switzerland, c1888. Artist: Unknown
Geneva, Switzerland, 1900. Artist: Unknown
Lake dwellings and associated artefacts from Lake Zurich Switzerland, 1888. Artist: Unknown
Lucerne, Central Switzerland, 19th century. Artist: John Cousen
General Bourbaki's defeated French army in Switzerland, February 1871. Artist: Unknown
Completion of the St Gotthard Tunnel beneath the Alps, 1880. Artist: Unknown
Michael Servetus, Spanish theologian and phycisian, (1511-1553) 1727. Artist: Unknown