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George Hotel, High Street, City of Portsmouth, 1930s. Creator: Charles William  Prickett.
High Street, City of Portsmouth, 1930s. Creator: Charles William  Prickett.
Children, Portsmouth, 1887. Creator: James Abbott McNeill Whistler.
Explosion at the King's Bastion, Portsmouth, on Monday last, October 1844. Creator: Unknown.
The Debarkation, 1844. Creator: Unknown.
Arrival of the King of the French, at Portsmouth, on Tuesday last, October 1844. Creator: Ebenezer Landells.
The Gomer Steamer coming into Portsmouth Harbour, 1844. Creator: Unknown.
Portsmouth Point, 1814., 1814. Creator: Thomas Rowlandson.
Portsmouth Point, 1814., 1814. Creator: Thomas Rowlandson.
'The Victory', c1870.
'The Funeral of Queen Victoria...Royal Yacht 'Alberta' entering Portsmouth Harbour...1901'.  Creator: Charles John De Lacy.
'The Duke of Cornwall and York's Colonial Tour...Departure of the 'Ophir' from Portsmouth, 1901.  Creator: Unknown.
French President Raymond Poincaré with Edward, Prince of Wales, at Portsmouth, June 1913, (1935). Creator: Unknown.
'Felton assassinating the Duke of Buckingham', 1773.  Creator: Charles Grignion.
'Portsmouth', c1910. Creator: Unknown.
'The Diving Tank At Portsmouth Where Divers Are Trained', 1901. Creator: Unknown.
'Launching of H.M.S. "Iron Duke"', 1912, (1945).  Creator: Unknown.
'The Gallery of HMS Calcutta (Portsmouth)', c1876, (1948). Creator: James Tissot.
'The King Opening The Navy Week at Portsmouth', c1935, (1937). Creator: Unknown.
Fratton Park, Portsmouth, Hampshire, 2014. Creator: Historic England Staff Photographer.
'The Black Watch (42nd Highlanders) Marching to Governor's Green, Portsmouth', 1874. Creator: Unknown.
'The Town and Harbour of Portsmouth with a View of his Majesty's Fleet at Spithead', 18th century. Creator: Unknown.
'The Duke of Buckingham assassinated by Felton at Portsmouth August 23rd 1628.', (1792). Artist: Saunders.
'Portsmouth', c1910. Artist: Unknown.
'Portsmouth Harbour', c1896. Artist: Alfred John West.
Stained glass window, Royal Garrison Church, Portsmouth, Hampshire, c1980-c2017. Artist: Unknown.
'Nelson's Flagship As She Is To-Day', 1936. Artist: Unknown.
'A Salvage Triumph. The cruiser Gladiator, supported by salvage tugs', 1908, (1936). Artist: Unknown.
'Home Again - The Duke and Duchess landing at Portsmouth June 27, 1927', 1937. Creator: Unknown.
'George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham, the great Favourite of Charles I, stabbed', c1787. Artist: Unknown.
Fratton Park, Portsmouth, Hampshire, 1957. Artist: Aerofilms.
The Royal Yacht 'Britannia' in Portsmouth Harbour, Hampshire, 1959. Artist: Langridge.
Royal Navy submarine HMS 'Grampus' off Portsmouth, Hampshire, 1962. Artist: Franks.
'Portsmouth', c20th Century. Artist: John Bartholomew.
'Portsmouth - General View of the Harbour, Showing Nelson's Battleship, The Victory.', 1895. Artist: Unknown.
'Portsmouth - The Hard', 1895. Artist: Unknown.
Portsmouth Harbour Railway Station, Hampshire, 1968. Artist: Aerofilms.
HMS 'Victory', Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, 1995. Artist: Aerofilms.
Portsmouth Harbour, Hampshire, 1974. Artist: Aerofilms.
'The Soldiers' Institute, Portsmouth', 1904. Artist: Symonds & Co.
Portsmouth Harbour, c1900. Artist: Alfred John West.
'Portsmouth Harbour', c1890. Artist: Unknown.
'An extraordinary scene on the road from London to Portsmouth', 1909. Artist: Schultz.
'Royal Sailors' Rest, Portsmouth', 1901. Artist: William Henry Waterfield.
'Portsmouth Harbour & Spithead', 1859. Artist: Edward Paxman Brandard.
'Entrance to Portsmouth Harbour', 1859. Artist: Edward Francis Finden.
'Three Royal Brothers', 1920 (1937). Artist: Unknown.
Royal Garrison Church, Portsmouth, Hampshire, c2000s(?). Artist: Historic England Staff Photographer.
The Prince of Wales inspecting marines at Portsmouth, Hampshire, 1921 (1936). Artist: Unknown.
'Portsmouth', 1839. Artist: George Chambers.
'The Road To Portsmouth', c1910. Artist: Claude Hayes.
'Entrance to Portsmouth Harbour', late 19th Century (1906). Artist: Unknown.
The Duke of York and Prince Henry welcoming the Prince of Wales at Portsmouth', 1925. Artist: Unknown.
'Portland Bill to Portsmouth: The pursuit of the Spanish Armada by the English Fleet', c1588. Artist: Augustine Ryther.
Launch of the battleship HMS `Queen Elizabeth`, 16 October 1913 (1935).  Artist: Unknown.
Portsmouth, c1824-5, (1905). Artist: JMW Turner
Portmouth Harbour, Hampshire, c1888. Artist: Unknown
Hurst Castle, Portsmouth, 1860. Artist: W Mossman
Japanese warship Mikasa at Portsmouth docks, England, 1904. Artist: Unknown
Japanese warship Mikasa at Portsmouth docks, England, 1904. Artist: Unknown