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Women operatives tending power looms in a Yorkshire woollen mill, 1883. Artist: Unknown
Cloth Dressers, 1814. Artist: Robert Havell
Monument of Walter de Grey, York Minster, York, North Yorkshire, early 20th century.Artist: George Washington Wilson
Yorkshireman wearing a flat cap and holding a large ball of twine, 1968. Artist: Michael Walters
Charlady, photo for a press advertisment for twine, 1966. Artist: Michael Walters
Everingham Park, Yorkshire, home of Lord Herries, c1880. Artist: Unknown
Thrybergh Park, Yorkshire, home of the Fullerton family, c1880. Artist: Unknown
Hornby Castle, Yorkshire, home of the Duke of Leeds, c1880. Creator: Unknown.
Mulgrave Castle, Yorkshire, home of the Marquis of Normanby, c1880. Artist: Unknown
Stourton, Yorkshire, home of Lord Stourton, c1880. Artist: Unknown
Hutton Hall, Yorkshire, home of the Pease family, c1880. Artist: Unknown
Eshton Hall, Yorkshire, home of Baronet Wilson, c1880. Artist: Unknown
Balloting for the coal strike, Wheatsheaf Colliery, Pendlebury, January 1912, (c1920). Artist: Topical Press Agency
Knaresborough, North Yorkshire, 1937. Artist: Unknown
'Henry VI at Towton', 1860.                                             Artist: William Dyce
St Edward, Brotherton; West Yorkshire, c1960. Artist: Eric de Maré
Delivery vans and carts, Conisborough, Yorkshire, 1920. Artist: Unknown
A lorry in the livery of Bellamy’s, advertising French Almonds, Castleford, Yorks, 1929. Artist: Unknown
Riley 9, Yorkshire, late 1920s. Artist: Unknown
Child factory workers, 1814. Artist: Robert Havell
Cropping wool to give an even pile after nap had been raised, 1814. Artist: Unknown