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AI IMAGE - Spitfire aircraft flying over the White Cliffs of Dover, 1940s, (2023). Creator: Heritage Images.
Cherbourg from the Sea, 1858. Creator: Unknown.
Cherbourg Roads: Mooring-ground for Men-of-War, 1858. Creator: Unknown.
Wreck of the "Superb", as Seen through a Telescope, from Jersey, 1850. Creator: Unknown.
Wreck of the "Superb" Steamer, 1850. Creator: Unknown.
'Canute Reproving the Flattery of his Courtiers', c1890. Creator: Unknown.
Dover Castle, 1746-47. Creator: Richard Wilson.
St Michael's Mount, c1880. Creator: Unknown.
'Le Bec Du Hoc, Grandcamp', 1885, (1937). Creator: Georges-Pierre Seurat.
Mount Edgcumbe Folly, Plymouth, Cornwall, 1894. Creator: Unknown.
St Michael's Mount, Marazion, Cornwall, 2009. Artist: Mike Kipling.
'The Parade, Worthing', c1896. Artist: William James Gardiner.
'Hastings Old Town and Beach', c1896. Artist: Carl Norman.
'The Needles, Isle of Wight', c1896. Artist: Poulton & Co.
'Folkestone: The Lees', c1896. Artist: Lambert Weston & Son.
'Dawlish', c1896. Artist: Chapman & Sons.
'Southampton Docks', c1896. Artist: FGO Stuart.
'Broadstairs', c1896. Artist: George E Houghton.
'Dover: The Castle and Beach', c1896. Artist: Poulton & Co.
'Shakespeare Cliff, Dover', c1896. Artist: Poulton & Co.
'Mont Orgueil Castle, Jersey', c1896. Artist: Carl Norman.
'St. Peter Port and Island, Guernsey', c1896. Artist: Carl Norman.
'St. Margaret's Bay, Dover', c1896. Artist: Martin Jacobette.
'Newlyn, near Penzance', c1896. Artist: Unknown.
'Torquay', c1896. Artist: Norman May.
'Eastbourne: The Parade', c1896. Artist: G&R Lavis.
'A Big Sea at Bognor', c1896. Artist: Poulton & Co.
'Signal Station, Newhaven,' c1896. Artist: Poulton & Co.
'Sidmouth', c1896. Artist: JA Bellinger.
'Weymouth', c1896. Artist: Wheeler and Co.
'Brighton', c1896. Artist: W & AH Fry.
'Plymouth Hoe', c1896. Artist: Frith & Co.
'Deal', c1896. Artist: GW Wilson and Company.
'St. Michael's Mount', c1896. Artist: Frith & Co.
'Chalk Cliffs, Near Dover', 1910. Artist: Valentine & Sons.
'England', c1930s. Artist: Unknown.
Dieppe from the West, 1910-1911. Artist: Harold Gilman.
'Brighton - The Hotel Métropole and Beach', 1895.  Artist: Unknown.
'Brighton - Entrance to the Aquarium, Showing the Chain Pier', 1895. Artist: Unknown.
'Brighton - The West Pier', 1895. Artist: Unknown.
'Brighton - A Long Stretch of the Beach', 1895. Artist: Unknown.
'Swanage - View of the Town and the Sea', 1895. Artist: Unknown.
'Worthing - General View of the Front', 1895. Artist: Unknown.
'Bognor - The Esplanade', 1895. Artist: Unknown.
'Ramsgate - A Lively View of the Sands', 1895. Artist: Unknown.
'Ramsgate - The Harbour', 1895. Artist: Unknown.
'Hastings - From the East Hill', 1895. Artist: Unknown.
'Hastings - The Front, Showing Pier', 1895. Artist: Unknown.
'Hastings - The Castle', 1895. Artist: Unknown.
'St. Leonards - The Marina', 1895. Artist: Unknown.
'Sandgate - View from the Heights', 1895. Artist: Unknown.
'Littlehampton - Paddling at Low Water', 1895. Artist: Unknown.
'Deal - Looking Along the Beach', 1895. Artist: Unknown.
'Eastbourne - General View from the Wish Tower', 1895. Artist: Unknown.
'Eastbourne - The Pier', 1895. Artist: Unknown.
'Eastbourne - Part of the Promenade, Showing Wish Tower', 1895. Artist: Unknown.
'Weymouth - General View of the Town and the Beach', 1895. Artist: Unknown.
'Jersey - St. Helier', 1895. Artist: Unknown.
'Jersey - Gorey, and Mont Orgueil Castle', 1895. Artist: Unknown.
'Jersey - Portelet Bay and Janvrin Island', 1895. Artist: Unknown.