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Titlepage from Differentes vues dessiné d'après nature... dans les environs de Rom..., 18th century. Creator:  Adélaide Allou.
A Road in a Gorge near Naples, 1782. Creator: Thomas Jones.
Neapolitan Woman (recto); Study for an Interior (verso), late 18th-19th century. Creator: Karl Wilhelm Freiherr von Heideck.
View of the Bay of Naples with Mount Vesuvius, early 19th century. Creator: Anon.
Napoli Tarantella, ca. 1870. Creator: Giorgio Sommer.
Cloister of the Certosa di San Martino, Naples, ca.1777-1779. Creator: Louis Jean Desprez.
Young Woman Standing in Traditional Neapolitan Dress, ca. 1775-1821. Creator: Giovanni Battista Lusieri.
Naples, 1841 (?). Creator: John Ruskin.
View of the Bay of Naples with Vesuvius, Smoking, in the Distance (Evening), 1871. Creator: Alfred William Hunt.
The Letter Writer, from "Naples and the Campagna Felice: in a Series of Letters Ad..., June 1, 1815. Creator: Thomas Rowlandson.
Neapolitan, from World's Dudes series (N31) for Allen & Ginter Cigarettes, 1888. Creator: Allen & Ginter.
Femme de Naples, from Recueil de diverses fig.res étrangeres Inventées par F. Bouc..., 18th century. Creator: Simon François Ravenet.
Naples, from the City Flags series (N6) for Allen & Ginter Cigarettes Brands, 1887. Creator: Allen & Ginter.
The Conquest of Naples by Charles of Durazzo, 1381-82. Creator: Master of Charles of Durazzo.
Castel San Elmo (from Cropsey Album), 1848. Creator: Jasper Francis Cropsey.
Graziella, 1878. Creator: Jules-Joseph Lefebvre.
The Bay of Naples, 1881. Creator: Pierre-Auguste Renoir.
'The Lazzaroni, as they live in the streets of Naples, Italy', c1909. Creator: Unknown.
'Macaroni drying in the dirty streets of Naples, Italy', c1909. Creator: Unknown.
'Beautiful Venus of Gallipede, gallery of ancient statues Museum, Naples, Italy', c1909. Creator: Unknown.
'The Farnese Bull, National Museum, Naples, Italy', c1909. Creator: Unknown.
'Bird's-eye view (east) of Naples and Vesuvius', c1909. Creator: Unknown.
In the Bay of Naples, 1898. Creator: Christian Wilhelm Allers.
Virgil's Tomb by Moonlight, with Silius Italicus Declaiming, 1779. Creator: Joseph Wright of Derby.
'Vesuvius and Beautiful Naples from Posilipo Heights, Italy', c1930s. Creator: Unknown.
'Naples ,The Bay and Vesuvius, Italy', 1897.  Creator: Works and Sun Sculpture Studios.
'From the Hills of Naples, Italy', c1909.  Creator: George Rose.
Piazza and church of San Ferdinando, Naples, Italy, c1909. Creator: George Rose.
'Masaniello Haranguing the Populace of Naples', (7 July 1647), 1890.   Creator: Unknown.
'Masaniello Haranguing the Populace of Naples', 1821.  Creator: J Chapman.
The City, Bay and Vesuvius, Naples, Italy, 1895.  Creator: Unknown.
'View of Naples from the Road to Pozzuoli', c1830s, (1965). Creator: Aleksandr Ivanov.
Coast scene near Naples, c1750-1780. Creator: Richard Wilson.
'Napoli - Panorama Dalla Tomba Di Virgilio', (Tomb of Virgil ), c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Napoli - Panorama Da S. Martino', (View from San Martino), c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Napoli - Panorama Da  Villa Patrizia, Vomero', (From Dilla Patrizia, Vomero), c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Napoli - Panorama Da Via Tasso', (From Via Tasso), c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Napoli - Mergellina Con Vesuvio', (Mergellina With Vesuvius), c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Napoli - Via Molo Col Castel S. Elmo', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Napoli - Interno Galleria Umberto I', (Interior of Galleria Umberto I), c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Napoli - Castel Nuovo, Arco D'Aragona', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Napoli - Piazza Borsa Con Fountana Medina', (Fountain of Neptune), c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Napoli - Via Roma, Largo Carita Con Monumento A Carlo Poerio', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Napoli - Museo Nazionale', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Napoli - Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Hotel Bertolini E Funicolare Vomero', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Napoli - Chiosco Di S. Martino', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Napoli - Via Partenope E Castello Dell'Ovo', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Napoli - Entrata Villa Comunale', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Napoli - Castello Dell'Ovo E Via Caracciolo Con Vesuvio', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Napoli - Posillipo', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Napoli - Gradoni Di Chiaia', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Napoli - Pallonetti Santa Lucia', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'Napoli - Porta Capuana', c1900. Creator: Unknown.
'View in Naples', c1880. Artist: Unknown.
Rooftops in Naples, 1782. Artist: Thomas Jones.
Mythical landscape at Naples, Roman wallpainting from Pompeii, c1st century. Artist: Unknown.
'A Street in Naples', 1903. Artist: Mortimer L Menpes.
'Naples and the Bay', 1903. Artist: Mortimer L Menpes.
'Naples', 1838. Artist: Unknown.
Borgo Santa Lucia, Naples, Italy, 1927. Artist: Eugen Poppel.