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Jutlanders, 1858. Creator: Unknown.
A Landscape near Himmelbjerget, Jutland. In the Foreground a Gypsy Family, 1842. Creator: Louis Gurlitt.
View of the Hill at Skanderborg Castle, Jutland, and the Memorial to Frederik VI, 1845. Creator: Andreas Juuel.
A Wreck on the West Coast of Jutland at Sunset, 1847. Creator: Carl Frederik Sorensen.
The Coast of Jutland Seen from a Hilltop in Funen, 1847-1848. Creator: Dankvart Dreyer.
Shipwreck after a Storm off the West Coast of Jutland near Ferring Church, 1848. Creator: Carl Frederik Sorensen.
Interior with a Little Girl, 1854-1917. Creator: Hans Smidth.
A Jutland Shepherd on the Moors, 1855. Creator: Frederik Vermehren.
Kirsten Svendsdatter Finds the Gold Horn at Gallehus on 20 July 1639, 1859. Creator: Niels Simonsen.
View of Pårup Moors near Silkeborg, Jutland, 1868. Creator: Hans Gabriel Friis.
Heather Hills near Rye, Jutland, 1887. Creator: Harald Foss.
At a West Jutland brickworks, grey weather, 1891. Creator: Niels Bjerre.
A Summer's Day by the River Karup, Jutland, 1891. Creator: Johan Rohde.
Jutland landscape, clear day in May, 1892. Creator: Christian Mourier-Petersen.
Winter Evening in Ribe, Jutland, 1892. Creator: Johan Rohde.
Landscape, Island of Mors, Jutland, 1893. Creator: Fridolin Johansen.
Houses Alongside a Road in Morso, Jutland, 1893. Creator: Fridolin Johansen.
The fog lifts over the forests at Himmelbjerget. Early autumn morning, 1895. Creator: Harald Foss.
Milking the Cows. West Jutland, 1897-1899. Creator: Niels Pedersen Mols.
Wreck of "The Polyphemus", off Hautsholmen Lighthouse, 1856.  Creator: Smyth.
A Landscape, Torring, Jutland, 1843. Creator: Dankvart Dreyer.
Landscape near Blokhus, Jutland, 1848. Creator: Martinus Rorbye.
Part of Jutland's east coast; Quiet summer day, 1886. Creator: Anton Thorenfeld.
A Lake in the Himmelbjerg District, Jutland, 1888. Creator: Godfred Christensen.
A Girl with Sunflowers;The Girl with the Sunflowers, 1889. Creator: Michael Peter Ancher.
The River Sorteaa near Mejlgaard Manor, Jutland, 1894. Creator: Theodor Esbern Philipsen.
Landscape at Nejsum, Vendsyssel, 1899. Creator: Janus Andreas Bartholin la Cour.
Surf at the North Coast of Jutland;Stormy Weather at Skagen, 1918. Creator: Michael Peter Ancher.
People outside a church, Harboore, Jutland, 1906. Creator: Niels Bjerre.
Street with Figure, 1936. Creator: Erik Raadal.
Girls Waiting for the Train, 1939. Creator: Erik Raadal.
A Young Girl in Jutland Writing her Beloved's Name on a Misty Window, 1852. Creator: Christen Dalsgaard.
Landscape near the Town of Skive with Skivehus Manor, Jutland, 1849. Creator: Christen Dalsgaard.
The Lim Fjord in Jutland. Study, 1851. Creator: Christen Dalsgaard.
The Manor of Krabbesholm in Jutland, 1839-1907. Creator: Christen Dalsgaard.
A Beach with Dunes. The West Coast of Jutland, 1843. Creator: Dankvart Dreyer.
A View towards Himmelbjerget, Jutland. Evening, 1838. Creator: Dankvart Dreyer.
Landscape near Silkeborg, Jutland, 1836-1839. Creator: Dankvart Dreyer.
Late Evening near Himmelbjerget, Jutland, 1874. Creator: Vilhelm Kyhn.
A River near Meilgård Manor, Jutland, 1894. Creator: Theodor Esbern Philipsen.
A Landscape near Bryrup, Jutland, 1888. Creator: Laurits Andersen Ring.
Springtime in Hals, Jutland, 1892. Creator: Laurits Andersen Ring.
A Country Grocer, 1909. Creator: Hans Smidth.
A ferry across the Gudenåen, 1910-1917. Creator: Hans Smidth.
A house on Alheden, 1912.
 Creator: Hans Smidth.
A schoolroom with a reading boy, 1854-1917.
 Creator: Hans Smidth.
A Storm Brewing behind a Village Church, Jutland, 1893-1896. Creator: Hans Smidth.
A Stranger Asking his Way at a Farm on the Moors, 1877. Creator: Hans Smidth.
Driving Home, 1893-1896. Creator: Hans Smidth.
Forest at sunset, 1889.
 Creator: Hans Smidth.
Fur market, 1860-1900. Creator: Hans Smidth.
Heath landscape with a day wagon, 1913. Creator: Hans Smidth.
House with manor house, 1818-1918. Creator: Hans Smidth.
In the day car. The artist's nephew, 1898-1902.
 Creator: Hans Smidth.
Interior from a farmhouse, 1903. Creator: Hans Smidth.
Pastor Sören blows out the candle on the New Year's Eve, 1898-1902. Creator: Hans Smidth.
Tater woman with her child on the heath, 1854-1917. Creator: Hans Smidth.
The Artist's Shelter on the Moors in Jutland, 1908-1911. Creator: Hans Smidth.
View of the Sea from a Pier, 1854-1917. Creator: Hans Smidth.