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The Edicts of Charles V, c1861. Creator: Jan August Hendrik Leys.
Mercury Departing from Antwerp. Fragment of a larger painting, early 17th century. Creator: Peter Paul Rubens.
Queen Marie de Medici Disembarking in Antwerp. Creators: Matheus Vroom, Unknown.
The French conquer the Flemish Head, 1832, (1833).  Creator: Auguste Raffet.
Surrender of the Citadel of Antwerp, 1832, (1833).  Creator: Auguste Raffet.
Exterior of the shell-proof field hospital, Citadel of Antwerp, 1832, (1833).  Creator: Auguste Raffet.
Ruins of the Citadel of Antwerp after the siege, 1832, (1833).  Creator: Auguste Raffet.
View of Antwerp, 1870. Creator: Carel Nicolaas Storm.
Interior of the old Brouwershuis in Antwerp, 1846-1905. Creator: Hendrik Adriaan Christiaan Dekker.
Landscape with a tower near Antwerp, 1845. Creator: Johannes Tavenraat.
In Flanders; The Yser offensive (1917), French front line near Het-Sas..., 1917. Creator: Unknown.
In Flanders; The Yser Offensive (1917); Cossing of the Yser canal by infantry...1917 Creator: Francois Flameng.
The Bourse at Antwerp, recently destroyed by fire, 1858. Creator: Smyth.
Glass Roof of the late Antwerp Bourse, 1858. Creator: Unknown.
Jan van Speijk Debating whether to Set Fire to the Gunpowder, 1834. Creator: Jacobus Schoemaker Doyer.
The Explosion of Gunboat nr 2, under Command of Jan van Speijk, off Antwerp, 5 February 1831, 1832. Creator: Martinus Schouman.
Joyful Entry of the Duke of Anjou in Antwerp on 19 February 1582, 1582-1600. Creator: Monogrammist M.H.V.H..
Two faces on Antwerp (?), 1633-1687. Creator: Gillis Neyts.
Riot at the conviction of Cornelis Halewijn and Herman Jansz. in Antwerp in 1559, (1652-1659).  Creator: Jacob van der Ulft.
Street in Antwerp, 1833-1892. Creator: Jan Gerard Smits.
The Fish Market in Antwerp, 1827. Creator: Ignatius van Regemorter.
The Interior of the Dominican Church, Antwerp, Looking East, with the Procession of the..., 1636. Creator: Peeter Neeffs the Elder.
Panoramic View of Antwerp from the East, 1636. Creator: Jan Wildens.
The Citadel of Antwerp shortly after the Siege of 19 November-23 December 1832..., 1832-1839. Creator: Ferdinand De Braekeleer.
The Crane on the Antwerp Quay by the Frozen Scheldt, 1622. Creator: Sebastian Vrancx.
'Les fetes de la victoire en Belgique; sous le porche de la Basilique de Malines, le..., 1919. Creator: H Manuel.
'S. Em. Le Cardinal Mercier; Archeveque de Malines. Primat de Belgique', 1916. Creator: Paul Albert Besnard.
'Premieres visions de Guerre; Un zeppelin est venu bombarder Anvers sans resultats', 1914. Creator: Unknown.
'L'etat Belge en Exil; Le general Pau, envoye a Anvers, en a preconise l'evacuation', 1914. Creator: Unknown.
'La supreme defense d'Anvers; Des maisons de Lierre brulent', 1914. Creator: Unknown.
'Sur les Routes de L'invasion; Une chapelle de l'eglise de Notre-Dame de Malines', 1914. Creator: Unknown.
Travel views of Europe, between 1904 and 1938. Creator: Arnold Genthe.
Landscape with a View of Antwerp, 1580-1589. Creator: Hans Bol.
Setting Sun over Antwerp Harbor (Soleil couchant - port d'Anvers), 1868. Creator: Johan Barthold Jongkind.
Soleil couchant, port d'Anvers (Sunset, Port of Antwerp), 1868. Creator: Johan Barthold Jongkind.
Affiche belge pour la publication "Anvers et son Exposition"., c1898. Creator: Henri Evenepoel.
Anvers, marine, c.1850. Creator: Felix Francois Georges Philibert Ziem.
New Route to Belgium - "The Aquila" Steam-ship leaving Antwerp, 1854. Creator: Unknown.
Firework around the Antwerp Cathedral, plate 41 from Casperius Gevartius, Pompa Introitus ..., 1642. Creator: Unknown.
Setting Sun, Antwerp Harbor, 1868. Creator: Johan Barthold Jongkind.
View at Hemiksem, 1894. Creator: Camille Pissarro.
Fish Market, Antwerp and Hospice des Vieillards, Cand, from Picturesque Architecture..., 1839. Creator: Thomas Shotter Boys.
Kraenstrate Maline, 1833. Creator: Samuel Prout.
Maline, 1833. Creator: Samuel Prout.
Antwerp, 1833. Creator: Samuel Prout.
View of Antwerp, 1572-94. Creators: Frans Hogenberg, Simon Novellanus.
Antwerp Cathedral, 1899. Creator: Cass Gilbert.
Antwerp Cathedral, 1649. Creator: Wenceslaus Hollar.
Place de Meir at Antwerp, 1797. Creator: Eugen Poppel ?.
Place de Meir at Antwerp, 1797. Creator: Thomas Rowlandson.
The Illumination of Antwerp, at Her Majesty's Return, 1845. Creator: Unknown.
The Bourse at Antwerp, 1844. Creator: Unknown.
Reception of Her Majesty at Antwerp, 1845. Creator: Unknown.
Panorama of the City of Antwerp, and its environs - arrival of Her Majesty, 1845. Creator: Unknown.
Panorama of the City of Antwerp, and its environs - arrival of Her Majesty, 1845. Creator: Unknown.
Station de Malines, Epreuve instantanée au passage d'un train au soleil couchant, 1854-56. Creator: Louis-Pierre-Théophile Dubois de Nehaut.
Antwerp Cathedral (Prospectvs Tvrris Ecclesiæ Cathedralis), 1649., 1649. Creator: Wenceslaus Hollar.
Proclamation of the treaty of Munster, 1648. Creator: Wenceslaus Hollar.
Antwerp, 1625-77. Creator: Wenceslaus Hollar.
The Brussels Packet, 1625-77. Creator: Wenceslaus Hollar.