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''Une foret d'eucalyptus en Australie (Queensland); Les Terres Du Pacifique', 1914. Creator: Unknown.
''Brisbane; Les Terres Du Pacifique', 1914. Creator: Unknown.
''An Unusually Rainy Season in Queensland', 1891. Creator: Unknown.
''The Endeavour River, North Queensland; Here Captain Cook landed in 1770 with a...', 1890. Creator: Unknown.
Queensland, from Flags of All Nations, Series 2 (N10) for Allen & Ginter Cigarettes Brands..., 1890. Creator: Allen & Ginter.
'In the Blackall Ranges', 1901. Creator: Unknown.
'Lily Pond, Brisbane Botanical Gardens', 1901. Creator: Unknown.
'In the Blackall Ranges', 1901. Creator: Unknown.
'Charters Towers Goldfield', 1901. Creator: Unknown.
'On the Enoggera Lake', 1901. Creator: Unknown.
'Mosman Street, Charters Towers', 1901. Creator: Unknown.
'Tropical Scrubs, Blackall Range, Queensland', 1901. Creator: Unknown.
'Wheat Field, Canning Downs, Queensland', 1901. Creator: Unknown.
'Palm and Fern Island, Botanic Gardens, Brisbane', 1901. Creator: Unknown.
'Cooran Railway Station, Queensland', 1901. Creator: Unknown.
'The Ennoggera Reservoir', 1901. Creator: Unknown.
'Suspension Bridge, over the Fitzroy', 1901. Creator: Unknown.
'In a Queensland Sugar Plantation', 1901. Creator: Unknown.
'Black Swan Lagoon, near Warwick, Queensland', 1901. Creator: Unknown.
'Papyrus Pond, Brisbane Botanical Gardens', 1901. Creator: Unknown.
'Parliament House, Brisbane', 1901. Creator: Unknown.
'Stripping Wheat, Queensland', 1901. Creator: Unknown.
Group of Aboriginal Men, Queensland, Australia, 1901. Creator: Unknown.
'Pathway in the Queen's Park, Brisbane, Australia', c1909. Creator: George Rose.
'Tropical Vegetation in the Barron River Gorge,...Cairns, Queensland, Australia', c1909.  Creator: George Rose.
View of the city and the river, Brisbane, Australia, 1895.  Creator: Unknown.
'Cook Taking Possession of Australia', 1923. Creator: Unknown.
'The Great Barrier Reef', 1923. Creator: Unknown.
'Pine-Apple Field, Queensland', 1923. Creator: Unknown.
'Coco-Nut Palms in Northern Queensland', 1923. Creator: Unknown.
'Mount Morgan Mines, Queensland', 1923. Creator: Unknown.
'Brisbane', 1923. Creator: Unknown.
Earth from space - the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, seen from the Space Shuttle, 1983. Creator: NASA.
'Great Barrier Reef', 1924. Artist: Unknown.
'The Emu Vale Waterfall', 19th century. Artist: Unknown.
A party of Queensland natives carrying spears and shields, 1902. Artist: Henry King.
'The Duke and Duchess of York and Queen Elizabeth leaving a reception in Brisbane', 1927. Artist: Unknown.
Nikolai Nikolaevich Miklukho-Maklai, Russian anthropologist, Queensland, Australia, c1880. Artist: Unknown
Brisbane River, Queensland, Australia, 1928. Artist: Unknown
'The First House In Brisbane', Australia, 1886.Artist: Georgius
'Brisbane From Bowen Terrace', 1886. Artist: Unknown
'Queen Street, at the Edward Street Corner', Brisbane, 1860, (1886). Artist: WC Fitler
The Queensland Club, Australia, 1886. Artist: Unknown
Parliament House, Brisbane, Australia, 1886. Artist: Unknown
The Bridge, Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia, 1886. Artist: WC Fitler
The Barron Falls near Cairns, Queensland, Australia, 1886.Artist: JR Ashton
Torres sighting Cape York, 1606, (1886). Artist: Julian Ashton
The Queen's Statue, Brisbane, Australia, 1886. Artist: Unknown
Captain Cook sighting the Glasshouse Mountains, 1770, (Queensland, Australia, 1886).Artist: Julian Ashton
Brisbane Observatory, 1886. Artist: Unknown
The Death Of Kennedy, Queensland, Australia, 1848, (1886). Artist: Unknown
Crushing the Cane, 1886.Artist: W Mollier
Natives of Queensland, Australia, late 19th century. Artist: John L Stoddard
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, 1879. Artist: McFarlane and Erskine
Three Aborigines from the coast tribes above Brisbane, Australia, 1922. Artist: Unknown
Brisbane River, south-east Queensland, Australia, 1870-1880. Artist: Unknown