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Eight Views of Omi in Etching Style (Doban Omi hakkei) and cover sheet, Japan, 1804/16. Creator: Hokusai.
'The Ha-Kei-Tei Inn and Garden at Hikone', 1910. Creator: Herbert Ponting.
'An Old Feudal Castle from the Moat', 1910. Creator: Herbert Ponting.
'Hikoné', 1910. Creator: Herbert Ponting.
'Looking east from Miidera temple over Otsu and its canal to serene Lake Biwa, Japan', 1904.  Artist: Unknown.
A geisha sleeping in a tea house, Hikone, Japan, 1904.Artist: Underwood & Underwood
Looking east from Mildera temple over Otsu and lake Biwa, Japan, 1904.Artist: Underwood & Underwood
Failed assassination of Tsarevich Nicholas of Russia, Otsu, Japan, 1891. Artist: Henri Meyer