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Map of the British Isles, 1946.  Creator: Unknown.
Map showing British battlefields, 1944.  Creator: Unknown.
'Picturesque Europe - The British Isles', c1870.
'The Curfew Tower', c1870.
'Windsor Castle', c1870.
'William the Conqueror's Oak', c1870.
'The Thames Valley, from the Round Tower', c1870.
'The Slopes', c1870.
'The Castle, from Bishopsgate', c1870.
'The Fishing Temple, Virginia Water, from the Belvidere', c1870.
'The Watch Oak', c1870.
'In Cedar Walk, Virginia Water', c1870.
'Magna Charta Island', c1870.
'The Banqueting Hall, Conway Castle', c1870.
'Pandy Mill and Fall, near Bettws-Y-Coed, North Wales', c1870.
'Shepherd's Crag, on the Llugwy', c1870.
'On the River Lledr', c1870.
'Pool on the Llugwy', c1870.
'At the Head of the Swallow Falls', c1870.
'The Stream from Llyn Idwal', c1870.
'Llyn Idwal', c1870.
'Anne Hathaway's Cottage', c1870.
'Dover Castle', c1870.
'Bodiam Castle, Sussex', c1870.
'Hurstmonceaux Castle', c1870.
'Off Beachy Head', c1870.
'The Tomb of the Howards. - Arundel Church', c1870.
'The Victory', c1870.
'In Dove Dale', c1870.
'Dove Dale', c1870.
'The Terrace, Haddon Hall', c1870.
'Chee Tor, Chee Dale', c1870.
'The Peak Cavern', c1870.
'Middleton Dale', c1870.
'Depedale Church', c1870.
'Oaks in Needwood Forest', c1870.
'The Victoria Oak, Windsor Forest', c1870.
'The Chestnuts in Bushey Park', c1870.
'In Sherwood Forest', c1870.
'Near Lymington, in the New Forest', c1870.
'The Valley of the Wharfe', c1870.
'At Coney Hill, Hayes Common, Kent', c1870.
'Near Godalming', c1870.
'The Monkey Tree. Burnham Beeches', c1870.
'Burnham Beeches', c1870.
'At Burnham Beeches', c1870.
'Holyrood Palace', c1870.
'The White Horse Hostel', c1870.
'The Canongate Tolbooth', c1870.
'Edinburgh from Calton Hill', c1870.
'Hawthornden', c1870.
'The Apprentice Pillar in Roslin Chapel', c1870.
'Off Tantalion', c1870.
'Melrose Abbey', c1870.
'Abbotsford', c1870.
'Innisfallen, Killarney', c1870.
'The Dargle', c1870.
'The Vale of Avoca', c1870.
'Strancally Castle', c1870.
'Raleigh's House at Youghal', c1870.