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Dosseringen seen toward Österbro, 1836. Creator: Christen Kobke.
From Collin's Garden in Copenhagen, 1833. Creator: Jorgen Pedersen Roed.
Flax-beating at Tidsvilde, Själland, 1887. Creator: Julius Paulsen.
Fredriksborg Castle, Denmark, 1652. Creator: Laurens Barata.
Cows on Saltholm, 1885. Creator: Theodor Esbern Philipsen.
Karl van Cracow, Dutch Minister in Elsinore, 1632. Creator: Jan Anthonisz van Ravesteyn.
Landscape, From Lejre, 1905. Creator: Vilhelm Hammershoi.
Landscape from Skagen, 1878. Creator: Wilhelm von Gegerfelt.
Skittle-alley in Saeby Forest. Spring Morning, 1882. Creator: Carl Frederik Aagaard.
View from the Lime-kilns in Copenhagen, 1825. Creator: CW Eckersberg.
View of cascades in The King's Garden in Denmark, Copenhagen, 1700-1799. Creator: Anon.
The Börsen, Copenhagen, 1858. Creator: M. Jackson.
Jutlanders, 1858. Creator: Unknown.
View of a gallery leading to a garden in Copenhagen, 1761. Creator: Unknown.
Hyena from the menagerie at Frederiksberg Castle, 1767. Creator: Jens Juel.
Peder Rahr, merchant from Ribe, 1770. Creator: Jens Juel.
Street scene in Copenhagen, young woman buying lace from a Jewish trader, 1798-1802. Creator: Unknown.
A Troup of Performers Arriving at the Fair at Dyrehavsbakken Near the Deer Park, North..., 1798-1801 Creator: Christian August Lorentzen.
View of Sortedamssoen towards Norrebro, 1798-1809. Creator: Elias Meyer.
View Towards Lyngby, 1803-1810. Creator: CW Eckersberg.
View of Vordingborg, 1810. Creator: Heinrich August Grosch.
Landscape in Zealand, evening, 1810. Creator: Heinrich August Grosch.
Forest near Charlottenlund, evening, 1818-1831. Creator: Heinrich Christian August Buntzen.
Valdemar the Great is linked in Absalon's mother's house, where he has sought refuge..., 1821-1840. Creator: Peter Raadsig.
The storming of Frederiksstad, 4 October 1850, (1822-1866). Creator: Niels Simonsen.
Beach area near Tårbæk, 1824-1886. Creator: Anders Christian Lunde.
The Interior of Roskilde Cathedral, 1824. Creator: Ditlev Martens.
The Battle of Rheden on 2 April 1801, 1828-1832. Creator: Emil Normann.
The Rear Courtyard of Charlottenborg Palace, 1828. Creator: Frederik Hansen Sodring.
Kullen from Mølleleje (?), 1829.  Creator: CW Eckersberg.
Market day in Fredericia, 1830-1882. Creator: Hans Jorgen Hammer.
The "Summer Spire" on the Chalk Cliffs of the Island of Mon, Moonlight, 1831. Creator: Frederik Hansen Sodring.
View towards Roskilde from a homestead, 1833-1837. Creator: Jorgen Pedersen Roed.
The main building at Gisselfeld Monastery, 1834-1839. Creator: Carl Vilhelm Marius Jensen.
June day at Rorvig, 1834-1903. Creator: Vilhelm Kyhn.
View of the Marble Square with the Ruins of the Uncompleted Frederik's Church, 1835. Creator: Frederik Hansen Sodring.
A View towards Assens in Funen. In the Distance the Coast of Schleswig, 1835-1836. Creator: Dankvart Dreyer.
Thorvaldsen's Studio in the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, 1836. Creator: Johan Vilhelm Gertner.
Coast road at Vedbæk, winter afternoon, 1836-1837. Creator: Johan Stroe.
Party at Holmens Kirke, 1836-1890. Creator: Heinrich Hansen.
View of Marmorpladsen withe Ruins of the Uncompleted Frederik's Church in Copenhagen, 1838. Creator: Thorald Lessoe.
Christian VIII og Caroline Amalies salving i Frederiksborg Slotskirke den 28. juni 1840, 1840-1843. Creator: Sophus Schack.
The Choir of Assens Church, 1840-1841. Creator: Dankvart Dreyer.
Forest landscape at Hellebæk - Autumn, 1841. Creator: Johann Hermann Carmiencke.
Study of the Spires of Petri Church and Church of Our Lady, 1841-1845. Creator: Wilhelm Peter Carl Petersen.
The Garden Steps Leading to the Artist's Studio on Blegdammen, Copenhagen, 1841-1844. Creator: Christen Kobke.
View of Dosseringen near the Suburb osterbro outside Copenhagen, Cloudy Sky, 1841-1845. Creator: Christen Kobke.
A Landscape near Himmelbjerget, Jutland. In the Foreground a Gypsy Family, 1842. Creator: Louis Gurlitt.
View over Skanderborg from Edelsborgmark, 1842. Creator: Louis Gurlitt.
A Corner of the Artist´s Father's House, 1843-1847. Creator: Christen Kobke.
Landscape near Holmstrup, Zealand, 1845. Creator: Lorenz Frolich.
View of the Hill at Skanderborg Castle, Jutland, and the Memorial to Frederik VI, 1845. Creator: Andreas Juuel.
Ships Off the Coast of Zealand, Morning, 1845. Creator: Emanuel Larsen.
View of Falkonerallé outside Copenhagen, 1845-1847. Creator: Christen Kobke.
At Præsto Fjord in the wind, 1847. Creator: Carlo Eduardo Dalgas.
A Wreck on the West Coast of Jutland at Sunset, 1847. Creator: Carl Frederik Sorensen.
Flock of sheep, Faksinge Forest near Nysø, 1847-1848. Creator: Carlo Eduardo Dalgas.
The Coast of Jutland Seen from a Hilltop in Funen, 1847-1848. Creator: Dankvart Dreyer.
The coast at Vordingborg with the Goose Tower (Gåsetårnet), early morning, 1848. Creator: Jens Peter Møller.
Returning fishermen are received at Hornbæk Strand, 1848-1891. Creator: Carl Neumann.