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Viennese types: singer Fräulein Hornischer and her pianist in front of an audience, 1886. Creator: Karl Karger.
Dune landscape in Brittany, around 1910. Creator: Marie Egner.
Duino, 1901. Creator: Marie Egner.
Canal in Rotterdam, c1900/1906. Creator: Robert Russ.
Young Sicilian, 1902. Creator: Theodor Stundl.
Studio portrait: "Sitting: Lispa Per, Karin Eriksson Standing from left Anna, Edvard..., 1890-1900. Creator: Lars Olsson Akerman.
Elise Larsson f Johansson from Rörbäcknäs, Lima parish, Dalarna dressed in..., 1890-1910. Creator: Lars Olsson Akerman.
Ida and Selma Larsson from Risätra, 1890-1900 Creator: Lars Olsson Akerman.
Cyclists in the studio; two men with bicycles, 1890-1910. Creator: Lars Olsson Akerman.
Flight baron Carl Cederström wearing a leather hood. Creators: Allhem publishing house, Sophus Juncker-Jensen.
Portrait of August Strindberg, 1908. Creator: Herman Andersson.
Portrait of the composer Elfrida Andrée at the age of 22, 1863. Creator: Salomon August Andree.
Portrait of the actress Tora Teje (1893-1970), 1920-1925. Creator: Atelier Jaeger.
Marquis Claes Lagergren (1853-1930) in eastern costume smoking a hookah. Creator: Guillaume Berggren.
Rustan Bergwall's wife Xenia and son Alexei, Russia, 1902. Creator: Rustan Bergwall.
Portrait of a woman, Ida Dahl, born Spaak, 1880-1900.  Creator: James Bourn.
"A Groom in Sorunda", 1850s. Creator: Carl Andreas Dahlstrom.
Conquest of Kristianstad, 1676. From Now and Then, 1887. After copper engraving by C. de Hooghe. Creator: C. de Hooghe (After)..
Business card, studio portrait of woman holding a photo album. (c1880s) Creator: Karolina Christianson.
Business card, studio portrait of elderly woman knitting. (c1880s). Creator: Karolina Christianson.
Nejla Åren, Frostviken, 1890-1900.  Creator: Helene Edlund.
Woman wearing Sami costume - Inga Åren, Frostviken, Lapland, 1870-1898.  Creator: Helene Edlund.
Studio portrait: two women in national costume, 1906.  Creator: Helene Edlund.
Mattias Årén, Frostviken Lapland, 1890-1900.  Creator: Helene Edlund.
Woman wearing Sami folk costume, Inga Åren, Frostviken, Lapland, 1890-1900.  Creator: Helene Edlund.
Woman in Sami costume, 1870-1898. S Creator: Helene Edlund.
"Wife Inga Åren. Frostviken, Lapland. Nejla Macka Åren. Frostviken, Lapland", 1890-1900.  Creator: Helene Edlund.
Two Sami women, 1890-1900.  Creator: Helene Edlund.
Two Sami men, 1890-1900.  Creator: Helene Edlund.
A man poses in folk costume with a long coat and a top hat, 1880-1907. Creator: Helene Edlund.
Woman dressed in folk costume, holiday costume from northern Öland, 1880-1907. Creator: Helene Edlund.
Studio portrait of two young girls posing in folk costumes from Dalarna, 1880-1907. Creator: Helene Edlund.
A woman in folk costume and white fur-trimmed jacket, 1886-1920. Creator: Helene Edlund.
A woman sits in front of a fireplace and reads dressed in a Dalarna costume, 1886-1920. Creator: Helene Edlund.
Three young women dressed in costumes from Leksand, Dalarna, 1886-1920. Creator: Helene Edlund.
Two young women pose in different national costumes, 1890-1920. Creator: Helene Edlund.
Girl looks out from a doorway, 1890-1920. Creator: Helene Edlund.
Woman in full figure dressed in costume from Floda parish, Dalarna, 1890-1920.  Creator: Helene Edlund.
A young woman poses in a folk costume, 1890-1920. Creator: Helene Edlund.
Photograph of a young girl in a white blouse and white headscarf, 1880-1890. Creator: Helene Edlund.
Two young women pose in folk costumes, with dotted headdresses, 1886-1890. Creator: Helene Edlund.
Two young girls pose in costumes from Dala-Floda with floral jackets and hats, 1890-1900. Creator: Helene Edlund.
Young girl in fur-trimmed jacket with scarf, 1886-1910. Creator: Helene Edlund.
Studio portrait:Two young Sami women dressed in black, 1890-1899. Creator: Helene Edlund.
Unknown Sami girl, 1890-1900.  Creator: Helene Edlund.
Group picture with four people wearing Sami folk costumes, 1912.  Creator: Helene Edlund.
Portrait of husband, stockbroker Jacob Dahl married to Ida Dahl, 1890-1910. Creator: Abraham Wilhelm Eurenius.
Portrait of Alfhild Arosenius (1880-1966) in wedding dress, 1913. Creator: Ferdinand Flodin.
Male portrait: Andrée, Salomon (1854-1897), engineer, physicist, polar researcher, 1896. Creator: Gosta Florman.
Preserved! Shall this be her grace", 1878.  Creator: Fritz von Dardel.
Count Emanuel Gyldenstolpe plays Listz on the piano. (c1850s)  Creator: Fritz von Dardel.
"The English legacy". The English Diplomatic Corps. (c1850s) Creator: Fritz von Dardel.
"Wessle, sugar baker". Vaxholm, 1874. Creator: Fritz von Dardel.
"Edman! Which ball do you want scored". Pool scene. (c1850s) Creator: Fritz von Dardel.
"My first hunt". Gimo October 7, 1841.  Creator: Fritz von Dardel.
"Horn Blower". Young soldier with pack and instruments. (c1850s). Creator: Fritz von Dardel.
"Forward march, go on. By Robson". (c1850s). Creator: Fritz von Dardel.
Crown Prince Karl, later King Karl XV, 1849.  Creator: Fritz von Dardel.
El Kantara March 17, 1886", Algeria, 1886.  Creator: Fritz von Dardel.
"La chapelle des Rosaires. Lourdes April 13, 86", 1886.  Creator: Fritz von Dardel.