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The Hudson at Nyack, 1858. Creator: John Henry Hill.
The Nativity with Six Dominican Monks, 1265/1274. Creator: Master of Imola.
New York Street Scene, 1911. Creator: Jerome Myers.
Natural Bridge, Virginia, 19th century. Creator: Unknown.
E.E. Cooper, editor "Colored American," Washington, D.C., 1902. Creator: Unknown.
Lynching of the Waggoner family in Tennessee. 1893, (1897). Creator: Unknown.
Plymouth Church. Rev. Henry Ward Beecher selling a slave, 1897. Creator: Unknown.
The progress of civilization in Kansas, 1897. Creator: Unknown.
Celebration of The Abolition of Slavery in the District of Columbia by the..., April 19, 1866. Creator: Frederick Dielman.
Wm. Wells Brown, M.D. The Colored Historian, 1880. Creator: Nathaniel Orr & Co.
Rev. Jeremiah Gloucester, late pastor of the second African Presbyterian Chruch in Philadelphia,1828 Creator: Tiller.
The Chickahominy, 1872. Creator: William Wellstood.
Josiah Henson, 1879. Creator: Unknown.
African American couple holding a pail, 1905. Creator: Unknown.
African American couple embracing., 1905. Creator: Unknown.
Fall of Attucks, 1902. Creator: Unknown.
Twenty-eight fugitives escaping from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, 1872. Creator: Unknown.
Arrival from Maryland, 1859; Ann Maria Jackson and her seven children, 1872. Creator: Unknown.
Officers of the League; William Russell Johnson, Secretary, 1892. Creator: Unknown.
Shadow land; stories of the South, title page, 1905. Creator: Unknown.
Col. John H. Deveaux, collector of customs, Savannah, Ga., (1899?). Creator: Unknown.
Hon. H.A. Rucker, Internal Revenue Collector, Atlanta, Ga., (1899?). Creator: Unknown.
Gen. Robert Smalls, Collector or Customs..., (1899?). Creator: Unknown.
Zion school for Colored children, Charleston, South Carolina, 1866-12-15. Creator: Unknown.
The Saratoga Street African Baptist Chapel, 1859. Creator: Unknown.
Slaves building Confederate Army fortifications at James Island, Charleston...1863 (Inferred). Creator: Unknown.
Prayer meeting in a contraband camp, Washington, 1862, 1887. Creator: J. J. Cade.
Reward notice for bilingual runaway slave, Oppenheim, New York, 1824. Creator: Unknown.
Colored troops in great battle;  Colored troops in hand to hand battle;, 1918-1922. Creator: Unknown.
Virginia Negro extension agents assembled at annual meeting..., 1926. Creator: Unknown.
Main office of the New Rochelle Co-operative Business League; 24 Brook Street., 1908. Creator: Unknown.
A corner of the dining room in the League Hall., 1908. Creator: Unknown.
John Smith, father of Mrs. Ray, at the age of ninety-seven, 1926. Creator: Unknown.
Half-figure portrait of man wearing bow tie, c1870-c1879. Creator: David Bachrach.
Portrait of young woman with velvet lapels and ribbon bow around neck, (1880-1889?). Creator: LV Bean.
Lottie Grimke, c1870-c1879. Creator: Charles Milton Bell.
Portrait of older woman, standing, holding bonnet, c1860. Creator: CK Bill.
Portrait of woman seated next to tasselled curtain, (1860-1880?). Creator: Abraham Bogardus.
Studio protrait of unidentified man dated July 3, 1868. Creator: Bradley & Rulofson.
Centennarian dies suddenly. [Portrait of Emily Holmes of Bridgeport, Conn.], c1890-c1899. Creator: Buell & Seaver.
Full length portrait of unidentified man, c1880-c1889. Creator: Charles Burgess.
Chester, U.S. minister, Liberia, c1870. Creator: David Clark Burnite.
Portrait of young woman wearing patterned dress, with bow at neck, c1860. Creator: Coss & Leach.
Studio portrait of unidentified seated woman wearing check dress, c1860-c1869. Creator: Decamp & Crane.
To Am Meer from Canzonnetta. "Canzonetta" died Aug. 30th 1897, on verso, c1896 . Creator: Theodore Endean.
Studio portrait of unidentified man wearing double-breasted jacket, c1870-c1880. Creator: F Wagner & Sons.
Emancipation, 1863. Creators: George G Fish, John P. Soule.
Studio portrait of John C. Napier, c1863. Creator: Gardner's Gallery.
Portrait of unidentified young woman in plaid dress and hat, c1880-c1889. Creator: Thomas Gates.
The Crusader, August; Miss Anabel Anderson; Cover page, 1918-1922. Creator: T. H. Green.
Studio portrait of two young women, c1860-c1869. Creator: HD Garns & Co.
Kate, 1865. Creator: Hamilton.
C.C.P., c1880-c1889. Creator: Henrici & Garns.
Unidentified young woman wearing gloves, leaning on prop fence, c1880. Creator: H. A. Insley.
Portrait of unidentified young woman with buttoned bodice and band collar, (1880-1889?). Creator: H. A. Insley.
Rebecca, An Emancipated Slave from New Orleans, 1863. Creator: Myron H. Kimball.
Studio portrait of unidentifed young man, seated on prop hay bale, c1870-c1879. Creator: George Wolleston Kirk.
Full-length studio portrait of unidentified man, c1870-c1879. Creator: C. A. Marston.
Studio portrait of woman wearing glasses and cross-shaped earrings, c1880-c1889. Creator: George Daniels Morse.
Oh, How I Love The Old Flag. Rebecca, A Slave Girl from New Orleans, 1864. Creator: Charles Paxson.