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Fete at Denham Court, near Uxbridge, 1860. (now HQ of Women's Institute?) Creator: Unknown.
AI IMAGE - Illustration of Jeeves and Wooster, 1920s, (2023).  Creator: Heritage Images.
Half-Penny Ices, Printed 1877-1878. Creator: John Thomson.
The Self-sacrifice of a father, 1784. Creator: Jacques Henri Sablet.
Vanitas Allegory, mid-17th century. Creator: Willem de Poorter.
Improvements in Calcutta: The Dunkin Bustee, in Chowringhee, 1860. Creator: Unknown.
Dancing beggars and cripples, c.1635. Creator: Unknown.
Distributing Alms. Creator: David Vinckboons.
The Pawn Shop II, 1859. Creator: Carl Henrik Unker.
The Rich Man and Lazarus. Creator: School of Frans Francken I.
AI IMAGE - Oliver Twist, 2023. Creator: Heritage Images.
AI IMAGE - Oliver Twist, 2023. Creator: Heritage Images.
Boy secretly takes a puff of a cigar held by a man looking at sheet music, c.1900-c.1950. Creator: Mat.
Street scene in an Italian city, 1865-1892. Creator: Nicolaes van der Waay.
Beggar, c.1854-c.1887. Creator: Alexander Ver Huell.
Farmhouse interior (charity or poverty), 1660-c.1687. Creator: Gesina ter Borch.
Fashionable young man dresses up, 1828. Creator: Henri-Gerard Fontallard.
Former general as a street musician, 1895-1899. Creator: Jan de Waardt.
Richesse et misère ou rien qu'un, 1818. Creator: Louis Maloeuvre.
Church interior with man giving alms to a beggar, 1817-1879. Creator: George Gillis Haanen.
'Women of the Campagna at Rome; Rome and United Italy',1875. Creator: Unknown.
'Family of Beggars; Rome and United Italy',1875. Creator: Unknown.
Necklace of the Young Guicowar of Baroda, valued at forty lacs of rupees, 1876. Creator: Unknown.
Opening of the South Indian Railway between Tuticorin and Madura, Madras Presidency..., 1876.  Creator: Unknown.
"Gathering Wood" by Edouard Frère, 1876.  Creator: Unknown.
Distributing Charitable Funds to the Herzegovinian Refugees at Ragusa...1876. Creator: Unknown.
Herzegovinian Refugees at Ragusa, from a sketch by our special artist, 1876. Creator: Unknown.
Lord Alington, 1876. Creator: Unknown.
The War in the Herzegovina: Refugees begging outside an hotel at Ragusa, 1876. Creator: Unknown.
The London Hospital in 1753 - from an old print, 1876.  Creator: Unknown.
The Royal Visit to the East End: the Queen declaring the new wing of the London Hospital open, 1876. Creator: C.R..
Her Majesty's Drawingroom at Buckingham Palace, 1876. Creator: Unknown.
Sketches in Philadelphia, by our special artists, 1876. Creator: Unknown.
The New Asylum for Fatherless Children, at Coulsdon, near Croydon, 1858. Creator: Gilks.
Hospital for Consumption, Torquay, 1858. Creator: Unknown.
The Prince Imperial of France, 1858. Creator: Unknown.
His Royal Highness the Prince of Orange, 1858. Creator: Unknown.
"The Last Trial of Madame Palissy" - painted by W. J. Grant - one of the prize pictures of..., 1858. Creator: Unknown.
A Sketch in the Streets of London, 1858. Creator: Unknown.
Water-tank in St. Giles's-in-the-Fields, 1858. Creator: Unknown.
Sketches in China - Heads of the People - a sketch at the Rev. Mr. Huleatt's Rice..., 1858. Creator: Unknown.
'Dervish and peasant women; A journey through Soudan and Western Abyssinia..., 1875. Creator: Unknown.
''Interior of a third class railway carriage in Spain; Notes on Spain', 1875. Creator: Unknown.
''La Rambla, at Barcelona; Notes on Spain', 1875. Creator: Unknown.
''Beggars in Cathedral of Barcelona; Notes on Spain', 1875. Creator: Unknown.
'Boys playing at Bull-fighting; Notes on Spain', 1875. Creator: Unknown.
'Mendicant priest; A European Sojourn in Japan', 1875. Creator: Unknown.
''The refugees at Kah-Ding; A Cruise to Soo-chow', 1875. Creator: Lindley, Augustus Frederick.
Interior scene with man at a writing desk, 1763-1826.  Creator: Abraham van Strij.
Mother and son with an art dealer, 1857-c.1900. Creator: Anon.
Selling the loot, 1859. Creator: Herman Frederik Carel Ten Kate.
The sleeping lace worker, 1795-1873. Creator: Ignatius van Regemorter.
Grain trader Johan Eymer in front of the Corn Exchange in Amsterdam, 1774-1833. Creator: Jacob Smies.
Feeding the Hungry, 1646-1649. Creator: Michiel Sweerts.
Refreshing the Thirsty, c.1646-c.1649. Creator: Michiel Sweerts.
Clothing the Naked, c.1646-c.1649. Creator: Michiel Sweerts.
The Famished People after the Relief of the Siege of Leiden, 1574-1629. Creator: Otto Van Veen.
Adèle van Meekren, second wife of Andries van Wezel, 1912.  Creator: Willem Witsen.
Allegory of Riches, 1675-1683. Creator: Gerard de Lairesse.
Portraits of Rogier Le Witer and his Wife, Catharina Behaghel, 1635. Creator: Jacob Jordaens.