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Omsk station. Siberian Railway, 1904. Creator: Unknown.
Krasnoiarsk. General View, 1904-1917. Creator: Unknown.
Tomsk: Voskresenskaia Road, 1904-1914. Creator: Unknown.
Petropavlovsk: City school, 1904-1914. Creator: Unknown.
Petropavlovsk: Real school, 1904-1914. Creator: Unknown.
Krasnoyarsk Men's gymnasium, 1900-1904. Creator: Unknown.
Iakutsk: State Wine Monopoly, 1904-1917. Creator: Unknown.
Iakutsk: The Governor's House, 1904-1917. Creator: Unknown.
Omsk: Palace street. Hotel Zaitseva, 1905. Creator: Unknown.
Krasnoyarsk Voskresenskaya street, 1904-1917. Creator: Unknown.
Krasnoyarsk Voskresenskaya street, 1904-1917. Creator: Unknown.
General view of the city of Krasnoyarsk, 1905. Creator: Unknown.
General view of the city of Krasnoyarsk, 1906. Creator: Unknown.
Tomsk: "A. Usachev I G. Liven" Store, 1900-1904. Creator: Unknown.
City of Petropavlovsk: Pushkinskaya street, 1907. Creator: Unknown.
Neighborhoods of Krasnoyarsk. Peak "Kovrig", 1903. Creator: Unknown.
Tomsk: View from Voskresenskaia Mountain, 1904-1914. Creator: Unknown.
Petropavlovsk: Community Bank and Free Fire Brigade, 1905. Creator: Unknown.
Neighborhoods of the city of Krasnoyarsk. Feather pillars, 1904. Creator: Unknown.
Neighborhoods of Krasnoyarsk. Gorge of the 4th pillar, 1904-1917. Creator: Unknown.
The bank of the Yenisei near the Znamensky monastery, 35 versts from Krasnoyarsk, 1906. Creator: Unknown.
Neighborhoods of Krasnoyarsk. Biryusa River. The mountains are below the threshold, 1904-1917. Creator: Unknown.
Greetings from Yakutsk. View of the central part of the city from the Preobrazhenskaya... 1904-1917. Creator: Unknown.
Iakutsk, 1904-1917. Creator: Unknown.
Tomsk: Theater, 1904-1910. Creator: Unknown.
Tomsk: Zagornaia Street, 1905. Creator: Unknown.
Iakutsk: Meat Curing, 1904-1917. Creator: Unknown.
Petropavlovsk: Podgornoye, 1907. Creator: Unknown.
Iakutsk: Small Market, 1904-1917. Creator: Unknown.
Iakutsk: Small Market, 1904-1917. Creator: Unknown.
Tomsk: Pochtamtskaia Street, 1905. Creator: Unknown.
Tomsk: Magistratskaia Street, 1905. Creator: Unknown.
Krasnoyarsk Sloboda Nakhalovka, 1904. Creator: Unknown.
Petropavlovsk: Supermarket, 1904-1914. Creator: Unknown.
Petropavlovsk: Resettlement point, 1903. Creator: Unknown.
View of Arnhem, 1646. Creator: Jan van Goyen.
Europeans Embracing (image 2 of 3), c1590. Creator: Unknown.
Rue Eugène-Duthuit, à Rouen, 1896. Creator: Camille Pissarro.
Dorotheergasse in Vienna with the old offset office, 1890. Creator: Ernst Graner.
The courtyard of the police prison house on Theobaldgasse in Vienna, 1892. Creator: Franz Reinhold.
The Salzgries in Vienna (corner of Tiefer Graben), 1904. Creator: Gustav Korompay.
The Hohlweggasse in Vienna-Landstrasse, around 1890. Creator: Gustav Korompay.
Franziskanerplatz in Vienna, 1899. Creator: H. Winter.
The Neutor with the Stockhaus in Vienna, 1858. Creator: Heinrich Lang.
The Erdberger Lände in Vienna, 1884. Creator: Lambotte.
Moonlit night (canal landscape with windmills and ships), undated. Creator: Remigius Adrianus Haanen.
View from the artist's studio (right window), around 1805/1806. Creator: Caspar David Friedrich.
The first courtyard of the Salzgries barracks in Vienna, 1880. Creator: Emil Hutter.
Street in Rovenska, (after 1897?). Creator: Eugen Jettel.
Village, around 1898. Creator: Eugen Jettel.
The old house at the new building in Vienna, undated. Creator: Franz Sager.
"La place du gouvernement à Algiers". (c1850s) Creator: Fritz von Dardel.
The Nordic Museum, Allmogehallen, 1891.  Creator: Gustaf Améen.
"Söderhamn, burned by the Russians in 1721."  Creator: Unknown.
Tolvfors, 1923. Creator: Ferdinand Boberg.
Gysinge mulch log cabin, 1923-1938. Creator: Ferdinand Boberg.
Pilot Edvin Johansson's farm, 1900. Creator: Abbe Lundgren.
Old town house in Gavle, (c1940s). Creator: Pelle Swedlund.
The Vigra Gold Mines, North Wales: the Crushing Mill, 1862. Creator: Unknown.
The Royal Academy Prize Architectural Design: an exchange for a large commercial city..., 1862. Creator: Unknown.