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The Great Fire at Boston (image 1 of 2), 1872. Creator: Currier and Ives.
Meridies, 1605. Creator: Hendrik Hondius II.
The Chinese Masquerade, 1735. Creator: Jean-Baptiste-Marie Pierre.
La Madeleine, 1898. Creator: Jean-François Raffaëlli.
Percement du Boulevard St.-Germain, 1863. Creator: Maxime Lalanne.
Ramparts of Ypres, 1898. Creator: William Strang.
Kabuki Theaters in Nichomachi, mid-1830s. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
Suruga-cho, 1856. Creator: Ando Hiroshige.
The Coronation of the King and Queen of Prussia: view of Königsberg from the tower of the..., 1861. Creator: Unknown.
View of Rome: Number 12, n.d. Creator: Francois Collignon.
The Fireworks, January 21, 1782. Creator: Jean-Michel Moreau.
The Champs-Elysées, 1775. Creator: Louis Nicolas van Blarenberghe.
View of a Part of Moscow and its Surrounding Areas, 1833. Creator: Louis Julien Jacottet.
Bologna: The Asinelli and Garisenda towers, plate 40 from Italie Monumentale et Pittore..., c. 1848. Creator: Nicolas-Marie-Joseph Chapuy.
Avenue Trudaine on a Rainy Day, 1875. Creator: Norbert Goeneutte.
View of Avignon (from Villeneuve les Avignon), 1823/69. Creator: Paul Huet.
View of Paris, from Meuden, n.d. Creator: Paul Huet.
Elevation Perspective of l'Hôtel de Ville, Rennes, n.d. Creator: Philippe Nicolas Milcent.
Prospectus for Le Long de la Seine et des Boulevards, 1910. Creator: Pierre Desmoulins.
Corner of State and Washington Streets, Chicago, in the Yea..., published June 1928 (1865 depicted). Creator: Raoul Varin.
A View of Michigan Avenue from Randolph Street in the Year 1865, published March 1926. Creator: Raoul Varin.
Corner of Lake and La Salle Streets, Chicago, Marine Bank Building in th..., published January 1927. Creator: Raoul Varin.
Michigan Avenue at the Foot of Madison Street, Chicago..., published December 1926 (1864 depicted). Creator: Raoul Varin.
Michigan Avenue from Park Row in the Year 1865, published November 1926 (1865 depicted). Creator: Raoul Varin.
Washington Street between State and Dearborn, Chicago..., published September 1927 (1864 depicted). Creator: Raoul Varin.
La Salle Street from Court House Square, Chicago, in the Y..., published March 1927 (1865 depicted). Creator: Raoul Varin.
N.W. Corner of Dearborn and Monroe Streets, Chicago, Show..., published August 1927 (1865 depicted). Creator: Raoul Varin.
Sherman House, Clark and Randolph Streets, Erected in 1860-61, Chicago, published October 1926. Creator: Raoul Varin.
N. W. Corner of LaSalle and Randolph, Chicago, Showing Cou..., published April 1928 (1864 depicted). Creator: Raoul Varin.
Randolph Street, Chicago, from Clark to State Streets in the ..., published 1926–28 (1865 depicted). Creator: Raoul Varin.
Houses, undated. (c1930s) Creator: Anny Dollschein.
View of Cairo, 1853-1854. Creator: Bernhard Fiedler.
Dr Seipel Strasse in Modling, 1942. Creator: Carl Moll.
The Old Town Square in Prague, 1864. Creator: Ferdinand Lepie.
The Grand Canal in Venice, 1850. Creator: Franz Alt.
Backstreet in Vienna, 1894. Creator: Ludwig Hans Fischer.
View of Prague, 1890. Creator: Theodor von Hormann.
Moonlight on the Mur in Graz, 1928. Creator: Wilhelm Thony.
Kurzweil on guard duty in the garden of Belvedere Palace in Vienna, 1867/1880. Creator: Carl Goebel.
In the garden of Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, undated. Creator: Carl Goebel.
The Knaffelsche Stiftungshaus at Jacobergasse No. 807 in Vienna, 1858. Creator: Carl L. Wiesböck.
The Ringstrasse in Vienna, 1905. Creator: Carl Müller.
Vienna in a hundred years, 1887. Creator: Edmund-Frédéric-Arthur Krenn.
The Stubenbastei and the Stubentor in Vienna, undated. Creator: Emil Hutter.
On the Danube lands, 1903. Creator: Franz Jaschke.
Stockholm, 1928. Creator: Joseph Jungwirth.
The Porta San Giovanni against Frascati, 1820. Creator: Joseph Rebell.
Parisian landscape with Pont Neuf, 1907. Creator: Julius Ullmann.
View of Paris, 1890. Creator: Theodor von Hormann.
Street in Amsterdam, 1875. Creator: Tina Blau.
Port of Marseille, 1933/1936. Creator: Wilhelm Thony.
Le Havre, 1935-1937. Creator: Wilhelm Thony.
Steyr, 1944. Creator: Anny Dollschein.
Schwender's Colosseum, around 1897. Creator: Ernst Graner.
Danube lands in summer, 1903. Creator: Franz Jaschke.
Red roofs, 1927. Creator: Maximilian Reinitz.
Small city, 1903. Creator: Richard Teschner.
Market Scene, 1832. Creator: George Wilfrid Anthony.
Facade of the National Library, Vienna, 1840-1849. Creator: Rudolf von Alt.
View of Constantinople, 1762-1771. Creator: Unknown.