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The Shadow Dance - drawn by H. K. Browne, 1861. Creator: Mason Jackson.
Circus Study (At the Longe), 1910. Creator: Otto Friedrich.
At the Circus: Free Horses, 1899. Creator: Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.
Hindu Snake Charmers, 1869. Creator: Mariano Jose Maria Bernardo Fortuny y Carbo.
Arab Fantasia, 1867. Creator: Mariano Jose Maria Bernardo Fortuny y Carbo.
Illustration for Storch's 'Painting of Petersburg', 1792. Creator: Daniel Nikolaus Chodowiecki.
Book of Hours, 1530. Creator: Unknown.
"The Coliseum, Rome", by F.L. Bridell in the Royal Academy Exhibition, 1860. Creator: Thomas Gilks.
Last scene of "The Enchanted Isle" at Drury Lane Theatre, 1860. Creator: Unknown.
A scene in the Bois de Boulogne, Paris - the Pré Catelan, 1860. Creator: Unknown.
Literary reunion in Mr. Mudie's new hall, 1860. Creator: Unknown.
"...dussent-ils me maudire...", 1844.  Creator: Honore Daumier.
Un enfant que s'amuse de peu...1847. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Enfer et damnation!...Sifflée...Siflée!!...Siiiiflée!, 1844. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Une Annonce de concert, 1844. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Voyez donc un peu, Isménie!..., 1844. Creator: Honore Daumier.
La Visite au salon, 1847. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Physionomies de spectateurs de la Porte St-Martin..., 1852. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Danses de la haute école - Poses d'une école..., 1853. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Dans une salle de spectacle, 1854. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Le triomphe du sucre d'orge, 1855. Creator: Honore Daumier.
La Sortie, 1855. Creator: Honore Daumier.
L'Acteur...on voit bien qu'il fait chaud..., 1856. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Agamemnon se faisant couronner à huis-clos, 1856. Creator: Honore Daumier.
La mère de la chanteuse, 1856. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Voyons madame, un peu de courage..., 1858. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Le Théâtre français réduit...à se servir..., 1858. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Décadence du drame en 1866, 1866. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Une Représentation au théâtre de Bordeaux, 1871. Creator: Honore Daumier.
L'Acteur des Funambules, 1842. Creator: Honore Daumier.
(Le parterre de l'Odéon.) L'auteur!..., 1844. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Romain s'apprêtant à transpercer sa propre soeur..., 1852. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Sur la scène/Dans les coulisses, 1853. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Répétition d'une pièce dramatique, 1858. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Les reines des théâtres du boulevard..., 1858. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Des Parisiens dans l'attente du plaisir.., 1855. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Le Nouveau polichinelle napolitain.., 1855. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Le Placeur, 1842. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Monsieur, ils ne sont que cinq.., 1864. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Les Spectateurs de l'orchestre, 1864. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Le Banc des Amateurs, 1852. Creator: Honore Daumier.
La Cinquième acte à la Gaîté, 1848. Creator: Honore Daumier.
Actor Bando Mitsugoro I (image 1 of 2), 1770s-mid 1780s. Creator: Shunsho.
Okaru and Kampei outside Kamakura Castle, Act III from the Play Chushingura, 1806. Creator: Hokusai.
Going to the Theater: Woman of the Joo Era [1652-55], published in 1893. Creator: Mizuno Toshikata.
Collision of the Moorish Horsemen, 1843-1844. Creator: Eugene Delacroix.
Krishna Dancing with Gopis, 1775-1800. Creator: Unknown.
Study for a Painting of a Costume Ball Given by the Princess of Sagan, 1883. Creator: Eugene Louis Lami.
Scene from the opera of "Robin Hood", at Her Majesty's Theatre, 1860. Creator: Smyth.
Scene from the opera of "The Night Dancers", at the Royal English Opera, Covent Garden, 1860. Creator: Unknown.
The Prince opening the Industrial Exhibition in the Crystal Palace, 1860. Creator: Unknown.
Field-day and Sham Fight of Volunteers on Hampstead Heath, 1860. Creator: Unknown.
The Opening of Southport Pier, 1860. Creator: Unknown.
The Paris Hippodrome: seventeen horses driven by M. Marin, 1860. Creator: Harrison Weir.
The Prince of Wales at Montreal - The Crystal Palace, opened by His Royal Highness, August 25, 1860. Creator: Unknown.
"The Coliseum, Rome", by F.L. Bridell in the Royal Academy Exhibition, 1860. Creator: Thomas Gilks.
Last scene of "The Enchanted Isle" at Drury Lane Theatre, 1860. Creator: Unknown.
Interior of the Soldiers' Theatre at Mourmelon-le-Grand, Chalons Camp..., 1860. Creator: Unknown.
Ragged School Festival at Muswell-Hill, 1860. Creator: Unknown.
Farina, with a man on his back, crossing the Niagara on a tightrope..., August 29, 1860. Creator: Unknown.