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Près le Bodmer (Close to the Bodmer Oak), c.1858. Creator: Eugène Cuvelier.
In Deerleap Woods, Printed 1900 circa. Creator: Frederick Henry Evans.
Tree and Rock, c.1850. Creator: Henrietta Augusta Mostyn.
Untitled, c.1851. Creator: Unknown.
Putto in front of a Hedge of Roses. Creator: Unknown.
Bamboo Leaves at Various Stages of Growth, c1850. Creator: Unknown.
Pomegranate, between c1200 and c1340. Creator: Anon.
Vase of Roses, between c1890 and c1900. Creator: Pierre-Auguste Renoir.
A Flowering Cactus: Heliocereus Speciosus, 1831. Creator: Pierre-Joseph Redoute.
Pear on a branch, 1781. Creator: Pieter Gevers.
White Iris (Iris albicans), c.1674-c.1695. Creator: Circle of Pieter Withoos.
Double yellow ranunculus and insect, c.1674-c.1692. Creator: Pieter Withoos.
Irises, 1897. Creator: Sina Mesdag van Houten.
Flower (from a gourd?), 1844-1909. Creator: Sina Mesdag van Houten.
New Year greeting with anemones, 1896-1897. Creator: Sina Mesdag van Houten.
Three roses in an oriental vase, 1894. Creator: Theodorus Willem Nieuwenhuis.
Purple orchid, 1876-1951. Creator: Theodorus Willem Nieuwenhuis.
Still life of a bird's nest, violets, primroses and apple blossoms, 1872. Creator: Thomas Frederick Collier.
Lilies, 1873-1932. Creator: Willem Steenhoff.
Bouquet of roses and pelargonium, 1878. Creator: Willem de Famars Testas.
Bouquet of Flowers with a Painted Lady Butterfly, 1763-1825. Creator: Willem van Leen.
Yellow and White Lilies, c.1780. Creator: Willem van Leen.
Bouquet of tulips, pansies, grape hyacinths and dotters, 1763-1825. Creator: Willem van Leen.
Studies of vine leaves, 1796. Creator: Willem van Leen.
Bouquet of flowers in a green vase, c.1763-c.1825. Creator: Willem van Leen.
Flowers Around a Cartouche with an Image of Putto. Creator: Unknown.
Carl von Linné, 1707-1778, botanist, professor, 1775. Creator: Alexander Roslin.
Flowerpiece, 17th century. Creator: Andrea Scacciati.
Flowerpiece, 1699. Creator: Andrea Scacciati.
A Potted Plant, mid-late 18th century. Creator: Henri Horace Roland de la Porte.
Carnations in an Urn. Creator: Karel van Vogelaer.
Flower around a Cartouche with an Image of the Virgin. Creators: Daniel Seghers, Erasmus Quellinus.
Pineapple plant, 1729. Creator: David von Coln.
Flowers, Lizards and Insects, late 17th-early 18th century. Creator: Elias Van Den Broeck.
Bunch of Grapes, late 17th-early 18th century. Creator: Godfried Schalcken.
Cypresses. Study, 1843. Creator: Gustav Wilhelm Palm.
Cherry Blossom. Creator: Ingeborg Eggertz.
Flower Still Life with a Bowl of Fruit and Oysters, probably between 1665 and 1665. Creator: Jan Davidsz de Heem.
Acacia in Flowers. Creator: Vincent van Gogh.
Autumn Flowers, Helenium and New York Aster, 1910. Creator: Gunnar Wennerberg.
Still Life with Fruit and Flowers. Creator: Attributed to Jan Soreau.
Still Life with an Iris and Plums. Creator: Attributed to Pietro Paolo Bonzi  (1576-1636).
Still Life with a Basket of Flowers, early 1630s. Creator: Balthasar van der Ast.
Still Life with Flowers and Fruit. Creator: Cornelis de Heem.
Orange tree in urn, 1733. Creator: David von Coln.
Still Life with Flowers, 1867. Creator: Frants Diderik Bøe.
Still Life with Flowers and Insects. Creator: Jan Brueghel the Elder.
Still Life of Flowers and an Overturned Jug,  c.1659. Creator: Jan Fyt.
Still Life with a Bouquet of Flowers. Creator: Johann Johnsen.
Still Life with Tulips. Creator: Joannes Busschaert.
Spring Eve, 1896. Creator: Nils Kreuger.
AI IMAGE - Portrait of Frida Kahlo, 1940s, (2023). Creator: Heritage Images.
Bunch of blue grapes, 1775-1833. Creator: Jean Bernard.
Peach, 1775-1833. Creator: Jean Bernard.
Still life of flowers and fruits, 1775-1833. Creator: Jean Bernard.
Artichoke, 1797. Creator: Jean Bernard.
Pink Tulip, 1775-1833. Creator: Jean Bernard.
Landscape with a Tall Tree, 1634. Creator: Maerten de Cock.
Sweet peas, 1714-1760. Creator: Michiel van Huysum.
Two flowers, 1714-1760.  Creator: Michiel van Huysum.