The Revolution in Sicily - Calatafimi, 1860. Creator: Unknown.

The Revolution in Sicily - Calatafimi, 1860. Creator: Unknown.

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The Revolution in Sicily - Calatafimi, 1860. 'Garibaldi, in his rapid rush from Marsala to Palermo, pounced, it will be remembered, upon Calatafimi, a town in the intendancy of Trapani. Its inhabitants have been variously estimated at from 5000 to 10,000 - one authority, indeed, fixing the number as high as 20,000. The town, which is of wretched aspect, was once dominated by a castle now in ruins. From this extraordinary country is seen - the land and rocks being in confusion, as if tossed about by some terrible earthquake'. From "Illustrated London News", 1860.

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