Husyn-Abdal, in the Punjab - from a sketch by G. T. Vigne, Esq., 1850. Creator: Unknown.

Husyn-Abdal, in the Punjab - from a sketch by G. T. Vigne, Esq., 1850. Creator: Unknown.

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Husyn-Abdal, in the Punjab, [India] - from a sketch by G. T. Vigne, Esq., 1850. 'The charming scene...lies near the east bank of the Indus, and is so called from containing the tomb of a Mahometan saint of that name...It is situate in a delightful valley, watered by springs which gush from amongst the rocks...the glorious Akbar expressed the feelings excited in his mind on viewing the spot by exclaiming "Wah!" the usual interjection of admiration; hence the ruined garden is so named...Husyn-Abdal is on the high-road from Lahore to Attock. It is thus mentioned by Mr. Moore, in his exquisite Oriental romance "Lalla Rookh": the rich valley of Hussun Abdaul, which had always been a favourite resting-place of the Emperors in their annual migrations to Cashmere. Here often had the Light of the Faith, Jehanguire, wandered with his beloved and beautiful Nourmahal...'. From "Illustrated London News", 1850.

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  1. Unknown, attributed to: :
  1. Godfrey Thomas Vigne: British, (French?): Artist, traveller, author, draughtsman
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  1. Thomas Moore: Irish: Poet
  2. Akbar: Mughal, Persian, Indian: Emperor of India
  3. Jahangir: Indian, Mughal: Mughal emperor
  4. Arjumand Banu Begum: Mughal, Indian: Aristocrat

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