Front page of "Mercurius Civicus: London's Intelligencer", February 1643, (1945). Creator: Unknown.

Front page of "Mercurius Civicus: London's Intelligencer", February 1643, (1945).  Creator: Unknown.

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Front page of "Mercurius Civicus: London's Intelligencer", February 1643, (1945). Portraits of King Charles I and Queen Henrietta Maria, with news of the Civil War: 'Letters intercepted from the King, Queene, L. Digby [George Digby], and Iermin [Henry Jermyn], to the Lord Goring in France. "Bandon-bridge neere Chester taken by Sir Thomas Fairfax. The Irish Rebels joyned with Cardinall Williams in Wales"...The interest which every good subject hath in the actions of the King and Parliament, is sufficient to defend him from the imputation of being a Busie-bodie, in maintaining the Justice of them, That, and my desire not onely to give satisfaction unto my countrymen in the most certaine intelligence that should come to my hands, but also to admonish (especially the City...' "Mercurius Civicus: Londons Intelligencer, or, Truth impartially related from thence to the whole Kingdome to prevent mis-information" was a weekly newspaper which supported the Roundhead (Parliamentary) cause. It was published by John Wright and Thomas Bates between 1643 and 1646. From "British Journalists and Newspapers", by Derek Hudson. [Collins, London, 1945]

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  1. Unknown, attributed to: :
  1. King Charles I: British; English: King
  2. Henrietta Maria: French: Queen Consort of Charles I
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  1. William Collins: British: Publisher, publishers, publishing company, publishing house
  2. Derek Hudson: British: Author, writer, journalist
  3. George Digby: English, British: Politician
  4. George Goring, Lord Goring: English: Soldier
  5. Thomas Fairfax: British, English: Nobleman, Soldier, Politician
  6. Henry Jermyn: English, British: Politician, courtier

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