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'The Babes in the Wood', c1878. Creator: Randolph Caldecott.

'The Babes in the Wood', c1878. Creator: Randolph Caldecott.

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'The Babes in the Wood', c1878. "No burial these prettye babes/Of any man receives./Till Robin-redbreast painfully/Did cover them with leaves". The Babes' uncle had paid two ruffians to murder them. One of the villains had a change of heart, murdered his accomplice and let the children go. They wandered through the woods until they died of exposure. A ballad of c1600 tells the story of the owner of Wayland Hall, Norfolk, who died leaving his infant son and daughter in the care of his brother. If both children should die before the uncle he would inherit their wealth. After a year, greed overcame duty and family affection. From "The Babes (or Children) in the Wood", illustrated by Randolph Caldecott. [London, c1878]


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