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'The Remnant of an Army', (1901). Creator: Unknown.

'The Remnant of an Army', (1901). Creator: Unknown.

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'The Remnant of an Army', (1901). Episode from the first Anglo-Afghan War: William Brydon, assistant surgeon in the Bengal Army, arriving at the gates of Jalalabad in Afghanistan in January 1842, bringing the first word of the fate of the 'Army of Afghanistan'. Brydon was the only survivor of an evacuation of British personnel. The 4,500 British soldiers and 12,000 camp-followers who left Kabul on 6 January were all massacred. After 'Remnants of an Army', a painting of 1879, in the Tate Gallery in London. From "The Life and Deeds of Earl Roberts, Vol. I. - To The End of the Indian Mutiny", by J. Maclaren Cobban. [T. C. & E. C. Jack, Edinburgh, 1901]


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Image Information

  1. Unknown, attributed to: :
  1. Elizabeth Thompson: British: Artist, painter
  1. Dr Brydon: British: Doctor, surgeon
People Related
  1. TC and EC Jack: British: Publisher, publishers, publishing company
  2. J Maclaren Cobban: : Author, writer, historian
  3. Lord Frederick Sleigh Roberts: British: Commander in Chief of the British Army
Geographic Hierarchy
  1. World
  2. --- Asia
  3. ------ Afghanistan
  4. --------- Nangarhār
  5. ------------ Jalālābād
  1. 34 25 00 N , 070 27 00 E

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