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'In Memoriam - The Relief of Lucknow', 1858, (1901). Creator: Unknown.

'In Memoriam - The Relief of Lucknow', 1858, (1901). Creator: Unknown.

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'In Memoriam - The Relief of Lucknow', 1858, (1901). The siege of Lucknow was one of the major engagements of the uprising against British rule in India which began in 1857. The city was besieged by mutineers for 87 days from the outbreak of the mutiny until a British force arrived on 25th November 1857. Here British women and children and their faithful Indian ayah are about to be rescued by soldiers from a Scots regiment. Engraving after the painting of 1858, 'In Memoriam: Henry Havelock'. From "The Life and Deeds of Earl Roberts, Vol. I. - To The End of the Indian Mutiny", by J. Maclaren Cobban. [T. C. & E. C. Jack, Edinburgh, 1901]


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  1. Unknown, attributed to: :
  1. Noel Paton: Scottish, British: Artist, illustrator, painter
People Related
  1. TC and EC Jack: British: Publisher, publishers, publishing company
  2. J Maclaren Cobban: : Author, writer, historian
  3. Lord Frederick Sleigh Roberts: British: Commander in Chief of the British Army
  4. Sir Henry Havelock: British: Major General, soldier
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  1. World
  2. --- Asia
  3. ------ India
  4. --------- Uttar Pradesh
  5. ------------ Lucknow
  1. 26 50 21 N , 080 55 23 E

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