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'The Second Punjab Cavalry', 1901. Creator: Walter Fane.

'The Second Punjab Cavalry', 1901. Creator: Walter Fane.

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'The Second Punjab Cavalry', 1901. Indian and Afghan soldiers during the period of the British Raj: 'Hindustani Trooper; Sikh Non-Commissioned Officer; Afghan Native Officer'. From "The Life and Deeds of Earl Roberts, Vol. III. - To The End of Lord Roberts's Indian Career", by J. Maclaren Cobban. [T. C. & E. C. Jack, Edinburgh, 1901]


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  1. Walter Fane, attributed to: British: Artist, painter, draughtsman, officer, soldier
People Related
  1. TC and EC Jack: British: Publisher, publishers, publishing company
  2. J Maclaren Cobban: : Author, writer, historian
  3. Lord Frederick Sleigh Roberts: British: Commander in Chief of the British Army

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