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'The Occupation of Basra', 1914, (1919). Creator: Unknown.

'The Occupation of Basra', 1914, (1919).  Creator: Unknown.

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'The Occupation of Basra', 1914, (1919). Scene from the First World War: 'For three hundred years the Turks had been trying to acquire influence in the Persian Gulf, but never succeeded in permanently establishing themselves. Germany also dreamed dreams of Eastern territorial expansion. The British expedition took only seventeen days to shatter them. The British flag is seen proudly floating above the Residency after the capture of the town.' The Battle of Basra (in modern-day Iraq) was fought between British and Ottoman troops from 11-22 November 1914. The capture of the city by the British was vital to protecting the Persian oilfields and refineries. From "The History of the Great European War: its causes and effects", Vol. IV, by W. Stanley Macbean Knight. [Caxton Pulishing Company, Limited, London, 1919]


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