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'Comenius', 1642, (1947). Creator: George Glover.

'Comenius', 1642, (1947). Creator: George Glover.

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'Comenius', 1642, (1947). Portrait of John Amos Comenius (1592-1670), Czech teacher, writer, philosopher and theologian, aged 50. 'Loe, here an Exile; who to serve his God, Hath sharply tasted of proud Pashurs Rod, Whose learning, Piety, & true worth being knowne To all the world, makes all the world his owne'. Comenius introduced innovative educational concepts such as pictorial textbooks written in native languages (instead of Latin), lifelong learning with a focus on logical thinking (over mechical memorization), and access to education for women and poor children. From "History of Czechoslovakia in Outline" by J. V. Polisensky. [Sphinx Publishers Ltd, Prague, 1947]


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  1. 2-710-210
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Image Information

  1. George Glover, attributed to: English: artist, engraver
  1. John Amos Comenius: Czech: Teacher, educator, writer, philosopher, pedagogue and theologian
People Related
  1. Josef V Polisensky: Czech: Writer, author, historian
  2. Sphinx Publishers Ltd: Czech: Publisher, publishers, publishing company
  1. Engraving
Picture Type
  1. Portrait

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