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'The Passover of the Portuguese Jews', c1730s. Creator: Unknown.

'The Passover of the Portuguese Jews', c1730s. Creator: Unknown.

2-705-742 - The Print Collector/Heritage Images

'The Passover of the Portuguese Jews', c1730s. Family eating the Passover Seder (meal). A list of the dishes: 1) shoulder of lamb with hard-boiled egg; 2) bitter herbs; 3) figs, apples, almonds, cinnamon, etc chopped and cooked together, representing the material they used to make bricks in Egypt; 4) sauce for bitter herbs; 5) half "gateau des Levites" (cake or bread of the Levites) which the father distributes to all, including servants; 6) serviette under which gateau is hidden; 7) basket of Matzot, or "pain de Paques" (Easter bread). Matzot is unleavened bread traditionally eaten at the Seder meal. The figure in the centre is reaching into a tub of water which is possible keeping some items cool.


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  1. Bernard Picart: French: Artist, printmaker
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