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Launch of a glider, 1932. Creator: Unknown.

Launch of a glider, 1932.  Creator: Unknown.

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Launch of a glider, 1932. Diagram showing how to launch a glider into the air by towing it with a car. From "Die Eroberung Der Luft", (The Conquest of the Air), cigarette card album produced by the Garbáty cigarette factory, 1932. Eugene and Moritz Garbáty, who were Jewish, were driven out of business by the Nazis in the late 1930s, and forced to sell their factory which lay empty for over 70 years. [Garbaty Cigarettenfabrik, Berlin-Pankow, 1932]


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People Related
  1. Josef Garbáty: German, Belarusian: Tobacco manufacturer
  2. Eugene Garbáty: German: Tobocco manufacturer, art collector
  3. Moritz Garbáty: German: tobacco manufacturer
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  1. Cigarette card

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