'A Royal Family Group', 10 March 1863, (c1897). Creator: E&S Woodbury.

'A Royal Family Group', 10 March 1863, (c1897). Creator: E&S Woodbury.

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'A Royal Family Group', 10 March 1863, (c1897). 'Prince and Princess of Wales, Princess Alice and Prince Louis of Hesse, Princess Helena, The Queen, Princess Beatrice, Princess Royal, Prince Arthur - photographed on the day of the wedding of the Prince and Princess of Wales'. In the centre of the group is a bust of Prince Albert, consort to Queen Victoria, who died aged 42 in 1861. The Queen mourned him for the rest of her life - she is seen here all in black. The future King Edward VII and his bride the Princess Alexandra, are top left. From Sixty Years A Queen: The Story of Her Majesty's Reign, by Sir Herbert Maxwell. [Harmsworth Bros, Limited, London, c1897]

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  1. E&S Woodbury, attributed to: British?: Engravers, printmakers
  1. Queen Alexandra: Danish: Queen
  2. King Edward VII: British: King
  3. Queen Victoria: British: Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, artist
  4. Princess Alice: British: Princess
  5. Louis of Hesse: German: Grand Duke of Hesse
  6. Princess Helena: British: Princess
  7. Duke of Connaught: British: Prince, duke, soldier, aristocrat
  8. Princess Beatrice Mary Victoria Feodora Wettin: British:
People Related
  1. Sir Herbert Maxwell: British, Scottish: Writer, author, novelist, essayist, artist, antiquarian, horticulturalist, Conservative politician
  2. John Jabez Edwin Mayall: American: Photographer, daguerrotypist

  1. Photograph
  2. Photo-mechanical process

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  1. Portrait

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History & Politics Historical Events Royal Events

People Royalty

Society & Culture Family Life

Artistic Representations Portraits

History & Politics Other

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