'Joan of Arc in Prison', 1825. Artist: Paul Delaroche

'Joan of Arc in Prison', 1825. Artist: Paul Delaroche

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'Joan of Arc in Prison', 1825. Joan, in chains, is interrogated by a prelate in scarlet. Behind his chair a secretary stands recording the interrogation in a book. Joan of Arc (c1412-1431), French patriot and martyr, was tried for heresy and sorcery and burnt at the stake in the market place at Rouen, 30 May 1431. From the Wallace Collection, London.

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  1. Paul Delaroche, attributed to: French: Artist, painter
  1. Joan of Arc: French: Saint, heroine, martyr

  1. Oil

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Religion & Belief Christianity

People Famous People

Society & Culture Law & Crime

History & Politics War & Military Military Figures & Personnel

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