'Wheatfield with Crows', (detail) 1890. Artist: Vincent van Gogh

'Wheatfield with Crows', (detail) 1890.  Artist: Vincent van Gogh

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'Wheatfield with Crows', (detail) 1890. In Auvers, Van Gogh painted a large number of landscapes with wheatfields, all on unusual, elongated canvases (50 x 100 cm). He wrote to Theo about two of these works: They depict vast, distended wheatfields under angry skies, and I deliberately tried to express sadness and extreme loneliness in them. But these pictures also had a positive side: I am almost certain that these canvases illustrate what I cannot express in words, that is, how healthy and reassuring I find the countryside. Painted in the last weeks of his life. From the collection of the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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  1. Vincent van Gogh, attributed to: Dutch: Artist, painter, draughtsman, printmaker

  1. Oil

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  1. Landscape

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World Europe Netherlands

  1. 52 30 00 N , 005 45 00 E

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Trade & Industry Agriculture & Fishing

Artistic Representations Landscapes

Locations & Buildings Other

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