Altarpiece of the Parliament of Paris, c1452. Artist: Anon

Altarpiece of the Parliament of Paris, c1452. Artist: Anon

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Altarpiece of the Parliament of Paris, c1452. Left: St Louis (Louis IX of France) with a tabard of fleur-de-lys and John the Baptist. Right: Charlemagne and St Denis (carrying his head). Centre: Christ crucified watched by the three Marys and St John the Apostle. Centre background: Montmartre where St Denis was beheaded. The dog represents the fidelity of Parliament to the monarchy. The bones at Golgotha are a memento mori. God surveys all from above. From the Musee du Louvre, Paris.

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  1. Anon, attributed to: :
  1. King Louis IX: French: King of France, saint
  2. St Denis: French: bishop, saint
  3. Jesus Christ: Judean: Prophet
  4. Virgin Mary: (Judean?): Saint
  5. Mary Magdalene: Judean:
  6. Charlemagne: Frankish: King
  7. St John the Baptist: Judean: Saint, Christian Martyr
  8. St John the Evangelist: : Saint, apostle, author

  1. Oil

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World Europe France Île-de-France Montmartre

  1. 48 53 00 N , 002 20 00 E

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Religion & Belief Christianity

People Famous People

Society & Culture Art & Literature

Society & Culture Death & Burial

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