'Figures from a Triumph', 1878. Artist: Joseph Swain

'Figures from a Triumph', 1878. Artist: Joseph Swain

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'Figures from a Triumph', 1878. Lord Beaconsfield is shown leading the procession, followed by Lord Salisbury, the Conservative Foreign Minister. Behind the two politicians are the Indian Tiger and the British Lion. Since peace had been declared between Turkey and Russia, there had been much disagreement concerning the terms of the Treaty of San Stefano. At the beginning of June 1878, the European Powers were all formally invited to attend the Congress at Berlin which, sponsored by the German Government, was in order to promote the 'free discussion of the Treaty of San Stefano'. Lord Beaconsfield decided that both he and Lord Salisbury would attend the Congress on behalf of the country. From Punch, or the London Charivari,

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  1. Joseph Swain, attributed to: British: Engraver
  1. John Tenniel: British: Artist, illustrator, painter
  1. Benjamin Disraeli: British: Statesman, novelist, prime minister, politician, writer, author
  2. Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Cecil: British: Politician, Prime Minister

  1. Engraving

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  1. Caricature
  2. Satire

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