The Four Evangelists', mid 15th century. Artist: Fra Angelico

The Four Evangelists', mid 15th century. Artist: Fra Angelico

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The Four Evangelists', mid 15th century. The Evangelists are shown with their symbols: the Angel with St Matthew, the Lion with St Mark, the Eagle with St John, and the Ox with St Luke. Fresco in the Chapel of Nicholas V, Vatican, Rome, dedicated to St Stephen and St Laurence.

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  1. Fra Angelico, attributed to: Italian, Florentine: Artist, painter
  1. St Jerome: Dalmatian: Saint, scholar, translator, theologian, historian
  2. St John the Evangelist: : Saint, apostle, author
  3. St Luke: : Saint, evamgelist
  4. St Matthew: Judean: Saint, evangelist, martyr
  5. St Mark: (Judean?): Saint, evangelist, martyr

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World Europe Italy Lazio Roma Rome

  1. 41 54 00 N , 012 29 00 E

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Religion & Belief Christianity

People Famous People

Society & Culture Art & Literature

Artistic Representations Portraits

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